Does the National COVID Obligation Realize Public Goods?


Science without a conscience is the destruction of the soul. – Loveley


The crisis is now as surely darkening Western democracy as the long-standing dictatorship. Where is it? In the contempt that the proud technocrat dismisses his conscience. Conscience cannot be quantified. It has no weights or measures and cannot be included in national assets. Science cannot prove that it exists.

But conscience is not just a trivial matter. The conscience distinguishes humanity from the barbarians of creation. It was the little sparks of the heavenly fire that motivated the obedience of our country’s greatest heroes in the darkest hours. It is the voice of God in the soul.

For the past 18 months, all our basic freedoms have been attacked by viruses. Public invasion of freedom has been protested, but little attention has been paid to small private issues of conscience.

Why? Because it is the victim of “friendly fire” and by a friend who has never admitted it.

The conscience was involved in a politician’s war against COVID-19 and its variants. They confessed their belief in science to defeat it. Progress demanded it. The computer model is so terrifying that it threatens to control the “system” of public health, so it is extraordinary for politicians to support science to protect technopoli, as Neil Postman created in the book of the same name. Predicted that he had seized emergency power. victory.

This unwavering belief in science was completely irrational, if not unscientific. Science itself tells us that viruses are not living things. You can’t kill them. They also change. All the benefits of rushing to contain the virus last year through the slow safety protocol of science were quickly lost in subsequent variants.

As the unwavering determination to win the war continues, the illogicality of that position grows. Because it wasn’t a battle for science — it was a battle to protect the pride of technocratic idols and expand their dominance. This means greater control of technocrats.

Today, the Pfizer vaccine, fully approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, is a wonder of speed and deployment. However, the 39% success rate for the major Delta variants would not have been available a year ago. The FDA’s August 23 approval is more like a “speed and application” participation trophy than a real success.

But my concern is not to observe this obvious absurdity. It is to note the moral consequences of fighting a long and futile war with immortal and invisible enemies without a clear exit strategy.

That’s because it’s clear enough now. If you approve a failed vaccine while requiring a passport, Permanent group of second-class citizens Even after the emergency is over. It also normalizes the mandatory vaccinations for everyone, even if it doesn’t help.

In September, Quebec and British Columbia will require a vaccination passport for non-essential activities. Several other states are considering the following proceedings: Meanwhile, the federal government plans to require vaccinations for commercial aviation, train, cruise ship passengers, and all federal governments. employee. It would be naive to think that it would stop there.

The conscience is crushed by mission creep. Why do you quote conscience as a problem?

When politicians abandoned the legal liability of vaccine manufacturers, they also set aside their ethics, initially through a sustained “campaign” of pressure to be “shot” and now through obligations. Requested from the medical community. If the pressure campaign violates the basic ethical principles of informed consent established in the Nuremberg Code, the mob’s call to impose obligations on doctors and patients to protect technocratic idols is our essence as human beings. It is against.

Martin Luther once said, “It is neither right nor safe to go against your conscience.” The great civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. repeated his words. In his autobiography, he writes:

“In some positions, cowards ask the question,’Is it safe?’ Convenience asks the question, “Is it political?” Then Vanity comes in and asks, “Is it popular?” But the conscience asks the question, “Is that right?” … The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands at a convenient moment, but where he stands at a moment of challenge, a moment of great crisis and controversy. “

The value of an individual conscience is a great legacy of the West, and its blessings are widespread in the Nuremberg Code and the political advocacy of conscience.

But we are on the eve of that eclipse.

We reject the lessons of history. The ruin is much greater when individuals are at risk of their souls, ignoring their consciences, and technocratic science leads the nation’s consciences. However, this can be avoided.

British playwright George Bernard Shaw describes Native American elders in their struggle against their conscience: One of the dogs is sneaky and evil. Other dogs are nice. A mean dog is always fighting a good dog. When asked which dog would win, he thought for a moment and replied, “I’m the dog I feed the most.”

Freedom of association, peaceful assembly, freedom of thought and expression, and the moral goodness of conscience and freedom of religion are enshrined as the fundamental rights of the Canadian Rights and Freedom Charter. They have been set aside for these past 18 months under the auspices of emergencies. A good dog was robbed of his food.

The question I ask Canadians and our politicians is what when basic civil liberties were abandoned and the inviolability of conscience was ruined as a medical need, a victim of war. Is the country protected? When the freedom we call “basic” is not right and appeals to security, politics, or popularity, what country do we return to and what our children inherit? Do you?

It’s certainly a time of crisis.

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Scott masson

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