Does Trump throw his child under the bus to save himself? We may find it soon.

Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

We believe Donald Trump is made of Teflon.After all, he was a man who was proud of what he could do Shoot someone upon Fifth Avenue When Never lose a vote..

But Trump’s luck was in early 2021 when he Lost White House, Air Force One, and his Twitter account In a few weeks. His days of escaping the sinking behavior of someone else seem to be over.He could even start losing so much He will get tired Losing.

Trump met Big setback Wednesday when the Supreme Court ordered the 45th President to submit records until January 6.

You can actually hear what Trump is saying: “So this is what I get by giving those three clowns their job!” In an 8 to 1 decision. His only supporter is Judge Clarence Thomas, whose wife, Ginny, Expressed as “LOVE” To Trump supporters who came to Washington on the morning of the rebellion.

The ruling greatly improves the likelihood that the House Committee investigating January 6 will get their man.

The loophole where Trump tried to steal the election is still there

The document does not lie.The paper case means that the Commission does not have to rely on dismantled, uncooperative witnesses like Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, and Rudy Giuliani (who was in charge of the latter). Certificate forgery For the voter’s rival slate).

It gets worse for Trump.

Attorney General of New York Leticia James This week, as part of an investigation into the Trump organization, we submitted a subpoena to Trump’s two children (Ivanka and Don Jr.). This raises the intriguing question of whether he prioritizes his interests over the interests of his children. He is accustomed to throwing lazy people like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort under the bus to save his hideout. But will Trump leave Ivanka and Don Jr. with a skid mark on his back?

Unlike the attacks on democracy that Trump’s Die Hard hugs or excuses, James has recorded the sort of scam that Trump could cast on his supporters to break the spell. By life. If James can prove his claim, they will see Trump for fraudsters whose “victory” is directly correlated with the loss of workers.

Trump signed the document under the penalty of perjury Tripled the size Of his 11,000 square foot apartment to get a triple size loan. It made his triplex $ 327 million, the most expensive in the country.Price tag, former playing card organization CFO Allen Weisserberg admitted, Exaggerated by “give or take $ 200 million”.

Suddenly, when it was time to fool the tax officer, Trump claimed that his empire was underwater. He shrank assets, sometimes the same.according to James FilingTo take advantage of tax cuts for conservation easements, Trump valued Westchester County real estate for $ 251 million, valued at $ 56.5 million. When asked where the figure came from, Quoted playing cards “Involvement of outside experts”. Pushed further, he admitted that it came from a “phone call with Eric.” That would be his son, Eric.

According to Just Security’s proceeding trackerThere are more than 20 active proceedings against Trump, both civil and criminal. This includes a lawsuit in Georgia over Trump’s request for Secretary of State Brad Rafenceberger to cast 11,780 votes in favor of the 2020 elections.

Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine said Trump and his 2016 inaugural committee used funds to enrich the Trump organization, including paying $ 175,000 to a hotel ballroom that used to be $ 5,000. I’m complaining.

Trump also has the right to vote and the Ku Klux Klan Act (prohibiting intimidation of civilians) by the Capitol and Metropolitan Police, and his former lawyer Michael Cohen, on the injuries resulting from the January 6 violence. Suspected of violence for retaliatory imprisonment after learning that Trump is writing a book that tells everything. Active class action proceedings allege that Trump has used his brand name to deceive thousands of hard workers through MLM, which promises to reveal the secrets of his success.

Mr. Trump was not exempt from the charges he might have had as president the moment he resigned reluctantly on January 20th. Finally, Mr. Trump was hit by the heat wave.

Bannon, Trump, and the Rebels have won — so far

It’s easy to see Trump as a farce, but there is a tragic element in which children imitate their father’s sins.

I’m old enough to remember when Ivanka was talked about as a future president. I’m young enough now to know that it never happens.

James argues that: Trump had Deutsche Bank and the federal government submit misleading financial statements. The House Commission has “invited” Ivanka to appear, but she has so far resisted in light of the Commission’s already-held statement. She poorened herself for her honor for several days until January 6, which suggests she knew what happened to her work.

Trump technically doesn’t live on Fifth Avenue. But even his spacious Mar-a-Lago asylum seekers must feel that the walls are approaching. The circle of justice grinds slowly, but they grind. And now his children are on the legitimate crosshairs.

Even Trump needs to know, he can’t hide from the results forever. It’s only a matter of time.

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