Dog bounty hunter taking a break from Brian Laundry hunting after injury

NSThe bounty hunter is currently off the road to Brian Laundry, but he says he will continue to lead efforts to capture the suspect remotely.

Duane Chapman, a real-name dog the bounty hunter, is returning to Colorado to be treated for an ankle injury he experienced while searching for laundry, his team said on Sunday. According to a WFLA reporter, the dog “Florida team” will continue the search while he is away while processing the lead in Colorado. Josh Benson..

Brian Laundry’s Former “Most Desired” Drug Smuggler: “You Face Music”

“DOG. We got the latest information from the DogtheBountyHunter team,” Benson posted on social media. “They say they will return to Colorado soon after their ankle injury in the search to see a doctor. He is also raising money to continue what he calls an” expensive search. ” “

Lisa Chapman, the daughter of a dog, Her twitter account On Sunday, we guarantee that both the Florida family and their team are still looking for Brian Laundry.

Bounty hunter dog Participated in hunting For Brian Laundry on September 27th — 4 days later warrant Issued for the arrest of Laundry. The laundromat went missing shortly after returning home from a vacation with a girlfriend. Gabby PetiteWas found dead in Wyoming on September 19th.

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Authorities have not yet found Laundry — almost a month after his arrest warrant was issued. Laundry sister, KathyShe said she didn’t know where her brother was, but if she knew she would cooperate with the authorities.

She also said that if she could talk to her brother, she would tell him, “Just go ahead and take us out of this horrific mess.”

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