Dog Trainer Cesar Millan’s Pitbull kills Queen Latifah’s dog and tries to hide it: Proceedings


The young gymnast’s suit claims that a dog owned by renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan attacked a dog owned by a rapper actress.

Details of the proceeding from a young woman Lydia Mathis A dog owned by a famous dog trainer Cesar Millan I made another attack before.

The proceedings allege that Milan’s pitbull, Jr., attacked and killed his dog. Queen Latifah, And Milan lied to hide it.

Queen Latifah Cesar Milan

In a lawsuit, a dog owned by famous dog trainer Cesar Millan (right) attacked and killed a dog owned by rapper actress Queen Latifah (left) who tweeted this photo in January 2018. Insist. (Credit: Latifah / Twitter)

According to the Mattis proceedings TMZQueen Latifah brought two dogs for treatment at Milan’s Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California. Junior allegedly beat the dog to death, but Milan reportedly told the rapper actress that her pet had been attacked by a car.

Mattis claimed to have gone to the mother’s office in a Milan-owned building where she worked in 2017. There, Mattis says she encountered a junior who claimed she was walking in the hall without a string and without a supervision.

She says the dog attacked her, bit her leg, including her left calf, and had to be treated at a local hospital because of a serious injury.

Prior to her injury, Mathis was a promising gymnast at the US Gymnastics Junior Olympics. She had been scouted for potential scholarships by the University of Pennsylvania before she was injured, but said the dog’s reported office attack ended her career.

Mattis claims that his mother’s boss knew that Junior had a history of violence, but a celebrity dog ​​trainer allowed him to roam freely.

Milan replied in a proceeding that she risked being bitten by Matisse, claiming she was also somehow negligent.

According to the tweet, Queen Latifah shared her first training session with Milan in January 2018.

Milan is best known for its Emmy-nominated television series. Dog whisper, Broadcast on National Geographic for 9 seasons.

He is best known for his use of behavior modification techniques and the philosophy that exercise, discipline, and affection are needed “in this order” to keep a dog healthy and balanced.

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