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‘9 -1-1: Rob Lowe from Lone Star’Finale Shocker, 9/11 episodes of Owen in Season 3

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Monday’s Season 2 Finale “9-1-1: Lone Star”.) Owenstrand (Rob Lowe) is in the “9-1-1: Lone Star” season. I made a big choice at the 2nd finale. This has a huge impact on 126 in the third season of the “9-1-1” spin-off. Thanks to him, 126 no longer exists. When Ologun decided to decline the position of Deputy Fire Chief of Austin, the retired official was rebuilt to maintain his current role as captain of the fire department, after which his job was “. “Friend” was given to Bobby. Bobby then decided not to reopen the closed 126. Owen is definitely not happy, but Rowe said he never regrets his decision that the character refuses to work. “At the end of the season, it became clear that not only were all 126 scattered around the various fire departments, but they wouldn’t come back to 126, and my enthusiastic Billy is responsible. The only reason I got a job was because I turned it down, “Raw told The Wrap. “I don’t think Owen regrets refusing it, because this episode is so we don’t weigh too much, but he has to save some people. Airplane When he hits a building, petrol from jet fuel goes down the elevator shaft and these people are trapped in the elevator with jet fuel. That’s exactly what happened at 9/11. Owen is far from his heart. There’s something that’s never happened. It’s his 9/11 experience. I remember that, and this time with success, I remember why he’s doing what he’s doing. He’s the boss. And deputy secretary, if you’re worried about budget, policy, politics, that’s impossible. And power. He needs adrenaline. He needs to put on boots on the ground and is ready to give up. No. ”So what does this mean for Owen and the company in Season 3? To do that, we’ll go to Tim Minear, a showrunner for “9-1-1” and “9-1-1: Lone Star.” He said he didn’t really know yet. Fortunately, while “9-1-1” is back this fall, “Lone Star” won’t be back until mid-season, so executive producers have time to figure it out. “In many cases, the choices I make are just my instincts. Not everything is completely planned and I know exactly where I am heading. In a way that surprises the audience. I want to surprise the story, “Minia told The Wrap. “In many cases it will be something I would do.” Oh yeah, ok, I just wrote that Owen was arrested by Carlos’s father because he needed a teaser. So what will it be in the end? When I came up with it at the beginning of the series of arson stories, I didn’t know what the second part was. Maybe it’s a setup, I knew where to go, but I wasn’t sure. So it’s a little scary whenever it’s like “Clap, I have to shoot something next week”. OK, well, this is good. So I want to make it exciting now, and if I feel like I wrote myself in a dead end, I think it’s probably a good thing, because it has to find an original way Because it means you have to, to get out of it. He goes on to say: “At the beginning of Season 3, I’m very excited about what that ending means, because it’s like taking all the characters off the Enterprise Bridge. Of course, this is over.” Star Trek ” For the last 50 years — and you have spread them in a federal style. Ultimately, you know that the team needs to be reorganized. You need to bring those people back together. In a sense, the finale is a fractal of places you want to go to early next season because of the finale. There was a sandstorm, the wind of the situation blew everyone into the four corners, and by the middle of the episode or by two-thirds, it seemed like gravity, so all the players got to the same place. .. Those people are intended to work together as a team. So that’s how it should feel. Then you hit a little Fleetwood Mac on it, what more can you ask for? Fox has already announced that another “9-1-1” / “Lone Star” crossover is in preparation for next spring, but Minear doesn’t have that plan yet. Hey, give the guy a break — they just wrapped the production last week at the finale you saw tonight. But he thinks the opposite happened at the first crossover, so this time it might be a good idea to take Austin’s 126 (or what was previously 126) to Los Angeles’ 118. I’m not going to bind him to the plan at this time, but Rowe is certainly involved in the plan. “In my sense, I think it’s us who come to LA because it seems perfectly fair. We’ve come up with some ideas that we find very fun. So I did it. I’m excited to try, “Raw said. “This year’s crossover was one of my favorites, not only because it was written by my son, but also because it was great to work with the actors from” 9-1-1 “. They are all very nice. It’s great to put the team together. But what Rowe is most excited about next season is jumping into Owenstrand’s Origin Story. “Lone Star” flashes back on the morning of 9/11 to indicate the day when ghosts appear before they meet Owen. “We have an episode of” Beginning ” [‘9-1-1’] It’s a franchise and we’re planning to do Owen next year, which will happen on the morning of 9/11, “Raw said. “We actually wrote the script in Season 1, but it was too big to chew or chew. And in Season 2, we did a crossover instead. But in Season 3, we did it. Tell his story with “Owen Begins”. This is all based on the actual events of 9/11 and is incredible. And that coincides with the 20th anniversary of 9/11, so I think it’s important to do that. Rowe added: “Each story from that time is incredibly bitter than the next. The famous footage of an airplane hitting a building from street height is from a documentary about the fire department. So I think I’ll probably use it as an entry point. There was only a crew member who happened to be doing a documentary for firefighters, they heard this sound and panned, it went into the building, and the fire department was alone. Lost everyone except. It’s not hard to write this, it will write itself. “” 9-1-1: Lone Star “is back in Fox’s midseason. ‘9 -1-1: Lone Star’final shocker, read the original story Rob Lowe in Season 3 Owen’s 9.11 episode at The Wrap