Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on Xbox consoles originally had a two-year exclusive period

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Both Xbox Series X/S consoles support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, respectively to enhance the immersive experience of the game for both audiovisual and audiovisual aspects.But according to the official blog of Xbox FranceAccidentally broke the news(The article has been removed), the cooperation between Microsoft and Dolby has a two-year exclusive period, so other host platforms should not join in the short term.

Xbox Series X/S can be said to inherit the specifications of the previous generation Xbox One console and add Dolby Atmos stereo sound output. However, to enable the function, you need to pay for an additional license, or you can start with Xbox wireless headsets. Try it for free before the end of the month.As for Dolby Vision HDR,Test formatLog in to the Xbox Series X/S console. The application for Alpha Insiders has been opened earlier, and it is expected to be officially open to all players within this year.

But from another perspective, will you see other consoles after the 2-year exclusive period, such as Dolby technology on PS5? This idea is also a little unlikely, because Sony has its own 3D sound engine Tempest, and HDR output is already supported. In addition, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos require the cooperation of all parties, including the game itself, monitors, speakers and headphones, and the host manufacturer will probably not raise the bar indiscriminately.

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