Dolly Parton vows to make scrambled eggs every weekend and make them completely fluffy with a simple hack.

Dolly Parton with her arms wide open, wearing shiny and colorful patchwork blazer and cream-colored pants.

Dolly Parton told the insider the secret to making the most fluffy scrambled eggs.Ethan Miller / Getty Images

  • Dolly Parton told the insider that she would have her husband a southern breakfast every weekend.

  • And Parton said he would always add ice water to the scrambled eggs pot.

  • “If you add a few drops of ice water while cooking, it will become fluffy,” she said.

Dolly Parton is married Her husband Karl Dean has been for 55 yearsAnd every weekend she cooks a delicious Southern breakfast for him.

And recently, Parton sat with an insider on Zoom to discuss her new dessert line. Duncan HinesRevealed that there is a special hack to make scrambled eggs completely fluffy.

in the meantime Martha Stewart vows to cook scrambled eggs with clarified butterParton believes that all that is really needed is ice water.

“Someone told me this once, and it works,” Parton said. “When breaking eggs in a bowl, use ice water to scramble. Add a few drops of ice water during cooking to make it fluffy. That’s true!”

“So put a little ice water in it, which makes them fluffy for you,” she added.

Scrambled eggs

Parton constantly adds ice water to make the scrambled eggs fluffy.4kodiak / Getty Images

Breakfast in the southern parton of Parton always contains eggs, but she said she would mix in other things on the menu.

“I make French toast on Sunday. I love it with bacon,” she said. “This is not a diet food now, be careful.”

Parton said he always uses white bread for French toast and loves making gravy sauces and biscuits for her husband.

If she’s whiplashing a weekend lunch instead, Parton will be with focus beans Corn bread..

Dolly Parton from Duncan Hines

Parton recently launched a new dessert line with Duncan Hines.Sebastian Smith

“I just cook according to what comes to my mind and how I feel,” she said. “You can cook anything!”

When Parton wasn’t in the kitchen, she told the insider that she and Karl Dean loved going to fast food restaurants — Including Taco Bell..

Parton said she was a big fan of Mexican pizzaTaco Bell removed from the menu in November 2020, and she believes the chain should bring it back soon.

Until then, Parton is happy with his usual order of taco supreme with rice and beans.

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