Dominic Cummings warned that it wasn’t clear about the “talkative rat” leak

Dominic Cummings wrote that Simon Case told Boris Johnson that he wasn't the leaker, but instead pointed his finger at someone else-Julian Symons.

Dominic Cummings wrote that Simon Case told Boris Johnson that he wasn’t the leaker, but instead pointed his finger at someone else-Julian Symons.

Dominic Cummings is not cleared with “Talking mouse” Leak investigation, Britain’s best civil servant is expected to reveal on Monday as number 10 counterattacks his claim.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case is about by parliamentarians A series of allegations by Mr. Cummings, Former Chief Advisor of Boris Johnson, Blog Post.

Cabinet Office sources said Mr Case would undermine two major claims by Mr Cummings when asked. His 1,000 word blog On friday night.

Who is the investigation into Mr. Case’s office? Leaked plans for a second national blockade in October It is in progress and no one has been exonerated.

This goes against the claim that Cummings was cleared by Mr. Case, who told reporters about the imminent blockade that it was a source of information called “talkative mice.”

“His position is that the investigation is still open. It is a mistake to say that everyone is completely clear because the investigation is still open,” a Cabinet Office source said.

Mr. Case Johnson is also expected to publicly say that he nevertheless did not interfere with the investigation. Cummings claims The prime minister was thinking of doing just that.

Johnson said Leak’s investigation could lead to his financial ally, Carrie Symonds, and should probably be “stopped”.

Mr. Case, 42, who became the youngest Chief Cabinet Secretary when he took office in September last year, will appear on the Executive Branch and Constitutional Committee on Monday afternoon.

Although the appearance is about the general work of the Cabinet Office, a member of the committee said he expected Telegraph to discuss the leak issue with Mr. Cummings.

About topics such as payment Flat renovation of Mr Johnson’s Downing StreetMr. Case is expected to be as faithful as possible to the facts and avoid making news.

The appearance of his parliamentary commission comes as an influence of Cummings’ claims Continues to echo around Westminster..

In a broadcast interview on Sunday, Secretary of State for International Trade Liz Truss said I couldn’t deny Johnson covered the renovation of an apartment in Downing Street with the help of a conservative donor.

Ms. Simmons’ ally made a proposal that the Prime Minister acted to protect her Born the characteristics of “sexism in the 1950s”..

Meanwhile, well-placed numbers were said by Cummings. Johnson accuses Johnson of endangering his life by not closing the border early in Covid’s pandemic When he appears before the MP next month.

Some conservative lawmakers fear that the Downing Street controversy could affect the May 6 local elections.

Bob Blackman, secretary-general of the 1922 Backbench Tory Parliamentary Commission, drew a line under the line at number 10 to encourage him to move on, telling the Telegraph: A very important election.

“This kind of comment and title dispute is only damaging. Go back to the important business of putting a sleeping dog to sleep in this regard and delivering it to the people of this country.”

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith told The Telegraph that the line between Mr. Cummings and number 10 “comes like a bad bus service” and “a classic Westminster story.”

Sir Ian said it was a “dangerous” distraction for the government minister to “talk, think, worry about it, and start doing stupid things for it, which hurt them.”

Mr. Case, who appeared before the Diet members, is expected to support at least two claims that Mr. Cummings made in his blog post on Friday when asked by the Diet members.

The first is that a survey run by the Cabinet Office revealed that the former adviser was the source of the “talkative mouse.”

Cummings wrote Mr. Case told the prime minister that he wasn’t the leaker, but instead pointed his finger at someone else. Henry Newman, Then Michael Gove’s adviser.

However, a Cabinet Office source said, “The investigation is still going on. It is a mistake to think that we have landed on an individual or, for that matter, exonerated someone.” Sources added that Mr. Case would reveal that no one was exonerated when asked.

Senior government sources have denied Newman’s involvement, noting that he was promoted to Johnson’s advisory role earlier this year.

The second area of ​​pushback is the idea that Newman was a friend of Simmons and Johnson considered intervening to stop the leak investigation.

Mr. Cummings quoted the Prime Minister as saying that if Mr. Newman was nominated as a leaker, “it would cause a very serious problem for Carrie,” he said, “probably the Chief Cabinet Secretary could stop the leak investigation. Let’s add. “

Two well-placed government sources told The Telegraph that Case would reveal that the prime minister did not stop the investigation, no matter what the debate.

“He will definitely say that the prime minister did not interfere with the leak investigation,” he said of Mr. Case’s appearance. Another said Mr. Case would say there was no intervention from the prime minister because “it is true.”

Mr. Case’s exact answer depends on the question the MP asks. Personally, a source from the Commission told The Telegraph that allegations of a “talkative rat” leak investigation and a flat renovation of Downing Street would be taken up.

So again Questions about Greensill CapitalLobbying by the supply chain financial company and former Prime Minister David Cameron instead

Darren Tierney, Director of the Adequacy and Ethics Bureau of the Cabinet Office, will appear alongside Mr. Case.

A number 10 spokesman said of Cummings’ claim:

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