Don Jr. and Cruz lead Republican anger as president declares “no amendments are absolute”

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Joe Biden

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Joe BidenThe long-awaited Gun control The agenda began today when the president announced executive action on what one adviser called the “public health epidemic of gun violence.” Gun safety is one of Biden’s characteristic issues dating back decades, and recent mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder have taken positive action on gun safety. There is increasing pressure to do so.

“Sufficient prayer, time for some action,” Biden said in anticipation of the expected criticism that his president’s actions were “strange” and violated the Second Amendment.

Proponents of Republican Amendment 2 rebelled, and Ted Cruz complies with the law, saying that the answer to gun violence is to “fall like a bunch of bricks” against violent criminals. He said it was not a restriction on the constitutional right of citizens to hold and hold weapons.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. said he wanted to disarmament the Americans, while allowing the president to illegally obtain guns for his son Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden may have laid down on a background check and committed a felony before buying the gun, the gun was thrown into the trash and the Secret Service had to intervene.Politico..

“Can a hunter violate the law, lie to a federal background check form and get a gun without results? It seems fair,” he said in a tweet.

The White House has some hedging ahead of the inevitable debate over the president’s move. Communication director Kate Bedingfield told CNN this morning that Biden “will first say this isn’t enough,” signaling that the next step is to shift responsibility to Capitol Hill. “Parliament needs to move forward, for example, because the majority of Americans believe we need wise gun control, about the bipartisan background check bill in front of them,” she says. I did.

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called on the Biden administration to close a detention center that states that child migrants have been sexually assaulted. State officials are investigating allegations of abuse and neglect at the Freeman Coliseum near San Antonio, which currently houses about 1,300 people.

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