Donald Glover says the story about the racist harassed crew in London was true, but they were laughing when they talked about it.

Donald Glover

Donald Glover.Rich Fury / AP

  • Last week, the “Atlanta” writer talked about racial harassment while filming “Atlanta.”

  • While in London, the guys on the street said that because they were black, that meant they went to jail, they remembered.

  • On Tuesday, Glover tweeted that the story was true, but they were laughing as they told it.

“Atlanta” creator, writer and star Donald Glover recently The racist experience he and other writers of the series experienced on their first night in London During season 3 shooting.

According to the Atlanta writer, the involvement of a man who approached the cast and crew of the FX show and shared racist emotions and stereotypes was reported by many media outlets, including insiders.

“The” racist abused “heading about us is inadequate,” Glover said. I wrote on Twitter on Tuesday,Not specified Which outlet He was mentioning.

“The story is true, but we were all laughing at it,” he added.

Insiders attended a virtual panel in “Atlanta” last week during a press tour of the FX Critics Association of Virtual Television (TCA).

Glover and co-authors Stephanie Robinson and Stephen Glover (Donald’s brother) have anecdotes about how reporters feel like “fish out of the water” while in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. After asking, we discussed the case.

This prompted laughter attacks from Donald and Stephen, and some of ZoomCole’s “Atlanta” actors.

“Stephen, I think we’re both thinking the same thing. If you want, you can tell that story,” Donald said. “Stephanie, or you can say that if you like.”

Then Robinson, one of the show’s writers, said, “There are so many.”

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Created by Donald Glover and starred in the FX comedy “Atlanta”.Guy Darema / FX

The team then talked about how COVID-19 was successful, with few tourists filming in London and other cities. They also said that the new coronavirus also affected the “good atmosphere” that each other felt returned to work.

But a few minutes later, the same reporter repeated their question.

“And are you walking in a particular incident that you felt like a fish from the water, for example the city of London?” They asked.

The entire “Atlanta” team began to laugh again, as Robinson chimes, “I’ve been thinking about walking down the street and I feel like I’ve been harassed.”

The “Atlanta” team added details, walked through how the night unfolded, and how a group of people started chatting outside a closed pub on their first night in London. I went on to talk about.

In particular, one man was put in jail because he was black and made racist remarks, perhaps meaning he had the English gun slang term “hammer.” (you can Read the insider’s full report on anecdotes here, Here we describe the encounter as racial harassment. )

Season 3 of “Atlanta” will premiere on FX on March 24th.

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