Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani could face criminal investigation in Arizona in an attempt to overturn the election

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Rudolph Giuliani is watching Donald Trump speak. Joshua Roberts / Getty Images

  • Donald Trump and his allies may face criminal investigations in Arizona.

  • The Arizona Secretary of State has asked the State Attorney General to investigate Trump’s allies for violating election law.

  • Arizona GOP chairman and Trump supporter Kelli Ward told Maricopa officials that “the ballot counting needs to be stopped.”

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Donald Trump and his major allies may be facing a criminal investigation in Arizona for launching a campaign to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Last week, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs called on state Attorney General Mark Brnovich to begin a criminal investigation into Trump and his allies for possible violations of state election law.

Democratic Hobbes Arizona Republic He revealed details of a high-voltage campaign initiated by Trump and his many allies.

Hobbs wrote that individuals, including Trump and his private lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Arizona GOP Chairman Kelli Ward, and lawyer Sidney Powell, tried to influence Maricopa authorities to stop counting ballots. It was.

Hobbes quoted Ward’s comment to the chairman of the supervisory board, saying, “We need to stop counting,” and “I don’t want to be remembered as the man who led the prosecution to prove a fraudulent election. I know that. ” .. “

On Friday, Attorney General Brunovich’s office sent a letter to Hobbes seeking documents related to allegations of fraudulent election violations. Arizona Republic..

Republican Brunovich, who is running for the Senate, said in an email that Hobbes did not submit a double-vote referral.

The Arizona Republic said the latest communication from Brunovich was the first public sign he was examining records after the pressure campaign was revealed.

A Hobbes spokeswoman told The Arizona Republic that the Secretary of State had sent the necessary records to the Attorney General’s office on Friday.

Donald Trump has long argued that the outcome of the 2020 elections was fraudulent, especially in Arizona.

His claim is Widely exposed..Ann Associated Press The investigation revealed that Arizona’s electoral authorities only discovered the possibility of 182 fraudulent votes out of the 3 million votes cast in the state in 2020.

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