Donald Trump debuts suspicious claims about 9/11, including “two big firefighters”


Former president Donald Trump On Wednesday, he did what seemed to be a new claim about his involvement in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attack.

In an interview with the conservative network Newsmax, Trump was afraid of nearby buildings that his previous “memories” of what happened during and after 9/11 were repeatedly questioned and exposed. I remembered when “two big firefighters” moved him to a safe place. It was about to collapse.

“We were listening to squeaks. I never forgot it. It was a steel-framed building in the United States that was called at the time, 50 stories high, and I heard squeaks.” He said in a story that wasn’t told before.

“I said,’The building will collapse,’ and two big firefighters grabbed me, grabbed others, and they just left the area,” Trump said. Continued. “I never got off, but I didn’t hear such a sound. And it was a terrifying situation, but the work they did was very good and was the first responder.”

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September 11th itself, playing cards False bragging In a television interview about how his 40 Wall Street building is the tallest in downtown Manhattan.

“40 Wall Street was actually the second tallest building in downtown Manhattan. In fact, it was the tallest building in front of the World Trade Center, and second when they built the World Trade Center. It became known as a tall building. “He said. “And now it’s the highest.”

Trump, who is celebrating this year’s 20th anniversary of the attack, commented on a pay-per-view boxing match with his son Donald Trump Jr.Spent a lot of timeGround zero, and even Sent 100 crew members Down to assist in cleanup operations, both claims are suspected by authorities.

In 2015, the former president also unfoundedly claimed he saw at a campaign rally. New Jersey “Thousands” Muslims Celebrate the news of the attack.

“I saw the World Trade Center fall, and in Jersey City, NJ, I saw thousands of people cheering as the building collapsed,” he lied. I attached. “Thousands of people were cheering.”

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