Donald Trump has a mysterious reaction to the Texas Supreme Court’s abortion decision


Former president Donald Trump, Who achieved promise Appoint a “professional life” Supreme Court The judge avoided asking whether he upheld the court’s refusal to suspend Texas law banning abortion six weeks after pregnancy.

“I tell you this. We have a very different Supreme Court than before. Before it behaves very strangely, and probably not in the interests of our country,” he said. He told Charil Atxon, a “full-major” and conservative host of the broadcast. NS Excerpt posted Saturday. “I’m studying it now. I think the decision was very complex and probably temporary.”

Trump’s three conservative appointees closed a 5-4 decision in the High Court last week to allow Republican-run states to implement the restrictions. Many women are unaware that they are pregnant after 6 weeks. The law is no exception to rape and incest, and civilians are encouraged to sue those who help someone take steps.

Trump officially accepts the 2020 Republican presidential nomination in August 2020 Repeated his commitment He accused Democrats of fighting abortion and refusing to “protect innocent lives.”

However, in his interview on “Full Major,” the former president continued his palatable response to the Texas decision.

“I think other things will happen,” he said. “And that’s a big issue in the big picture, so let’s see what happens. But we’re studying the decisions, and we’re also studying what they did in Texas. . “

This article was originally published HuffPost Was updated.

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