Donald Trump Jr. has lashed out at Mar-a-Lago’s affidavit by posting an image of a black box in his father’s crotch.

A composite image of DJT Jr.'s Instagram post and DJT Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. posted an image that appears to show a black box (similar to the edits made in the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid) placed over his father’s genitals.Instagram screengrab/Donald J. Trump Jr.Joe Raedle/Getty Images

  • The DOJ released a redacted affidavit of the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago on Friday.

  • Trump Jr. lashed out at the release of the documents.

  • He posted a vulgar image of his censored father’s crotch with the caption, “Please edit this!!!”

Donald Trump Jr. Furious After Justice Department Released AA Redacted version of the affidavit Former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion to be raided on Friday to post vulgar posts image of his father’s censored crotch.

“Please edit this!!!” Trump Jr. wrote next to the image.

The heavily redacted affidavit explains why The FBI sought a search warrant for the property. but it did omit a significant amount of information In blacked out redaction that keeps confidential the identities of witnesses, law enforcement officers and unindicted parties, as well as the sources and methods used in the FBI investigation.

“There are probably reasons to believe additional documents containing classified information. [national defense information] Or the president’s records subject to record keeping requirements are now on the premises,” the FBI agent wrote, referring to Mar-a-Lago.

During a raid earlier this month, the FBI Seized 11 sets of classified documents from Mar-a-Lagomarked as “Confidential” and containing potentially relevant nuclear weaponsAccording to the warrant, the Department of Justice I’m researching Whether Trump violated three laws, including federal law spy law.

The former president denied a search, claiming he had declassified the documents.

“First, it was all declassified. Second, they didn’t have to ‘seize’ anything,” Trump said in a statement. “They could have it whenever they wanted without playing politics or breaking into Mar-a-Lago…a long time ago. What they had to do was just asking.”

For his part, Trump furious Post your affidavit on Truth Social meme his own. He also posted an angry response to his affidavit. write in: “The affidavit has been heavily redacted!!! Nothing is mentioned about ‘Nuclear’, a full public relations ploy by the FBI and DOJ, or our close working relationship on the exchange of documents – We gave them a lot. ”

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