Donald Trump Jr. praises Europe’s “riots” over COVID-19 restrictions, claiming that Americans are sitting “like sheep”


Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump.Alex Won / Getty Images

  • Donald Trump Jr. praised the recent wave of protests in Europe over the new COVID-19 restrictions.

  • He told Fox News that Americans were “sheep-like” to “not push back.”

  • Trump Jr. also erroneously claimed that the US media was curbing coverage of European protests.

Donald Trump Jr. praised European countries for protesting the restrictions on COVID-19, saying that Americans were “sheep-like” for not doing the same.

Commented while the son of the former president was speaking Fox News Dumbongino Saturday.

“Europe is retreating and America sits there like a sheep.” Oh, this is great. Go with what these people tell us that nothing went wrong in the last two years. It’s absolute madness. “

Trump Jr. also falsely claimed that the U.S. media did not knowingly report on recent events. Wave of protest in Europe Beyond the winter limits of COVID-19, some have turned into riots.

“We haven’t heard what’s going on because our media wants to stop it and it’s related to the riots in Europe against vaccination obligations,” Trump Jr. said.

“They don’t want you to get this kind of idea that freedom may actually still exist in some parts of the world, so I’ll never ask you about it.”

Numerous major US news outlets, including New York Times, Fox News, ABC News, When insider, Has been extensively reported on European protests.

Some European countries are introducing new measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic as winter approaches.This includes blockades and Proof of vaccination to access a specific location.

Earlier this year, the United States introduced the following requirements: Federal staff to be vaccinatedInstead, remove the option to test regularly.

As the insider previously reported, similar vaccine obligations in Europe Proved to be successful By increasing the uptake.

According to a survey, it is much higher in the United States Vaccine repellent rate From most European countries.

In the same interview with Fox, Trump Jr. criticized President Biden for not completely controlling the spread of the virus and, strangely, not treating cancer.

“If I remember correctly, he was going to cure cancer, Dan,” Trump Jr. told Dan Bongino. “Remember that? Everyone said,’Oh, that’s great, we definitely need to elect him.’ I haven’t seen much of that move.”

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