Donald Trump said it would be “fake news” that Melania Trump wouldn’t return to the White House if he ran and won in 2024.


Melania Trump and Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump argues that if Melania Trump ran and won the “fake news” in 2024, he would not return to the White House.Drew Angeler / Getty Images

  • Donald Trump denied the claim that Melania Trump would not return to the White House if he ran and won in 2024.

  • Trump called the report that his wife wasn’t interested in becoming a first lady again “fake news.”

  • Trump has repeatedly teased him, but hasn’t made an official announcement as to whether he will run in 2024.

Former President Donald Trump called the report that former First Lady Melania Trump would resist returning to the White House in 2024 as “fake news.”

Trump has not officially confirmed that he will run for president again, but he Said on thursday It wasn’t true that even if Melania won, she wouldn’t return to Washington, DC. Trump was answering a question from Brian Kilmeade, the host of “Fox and Friends.” He asked him about reports that his wife had said he would not return to Washington.

“Is it true that former First Lady Melania Trump told you?” Will I not come back if you run again? “Kilmead asked Trump.

“No, that’s not true,” Trump said. “More fake news.”

“She was a great first lady, she did a great job. She loves people and they love her,” Trump added. “I see how they love her.”

CNN Melania Trump reported in September this year that she was actively trying to avoid the spotlight. Anonymous sources told CNN that life at the White House is “finished.”

Another anonymous source told CNN, “Even if someone like Larry or Kimberly Gilfoil has a 2024” impulse “and” officially “he’s running again. You won’t see her at a rally or campaign event. ” President Trump’s execution that Melania “never”.

Trump hasn’t made an official announcement, but he continues to tease the 2024 run. Talking to a former Conservative politician, he turned to media personality Nigel Farage. In an interview broadcast Wednesday, Trump said of the possibility of a presidential election:

Meanwhile, the former president continues to push unfounded allegations of fraudulent voting, albeit. There is no evidence of widespread fraudulent voting in the 2020 elections.

He claims the same voter fraud Nearly 40-minute interview with My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell last month, He announced approval of the latter plan Melt Dominion’s voting machine and turn it into a prison bar..

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