Donald Trump swipes Catholics and Jews who didn’t vote for him


Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump. Associated Press Photo / Gerald Herbert, File

  • Donald Trump complained about Catholics and Jews who did not vote for him in 2020.

  • The former president commented at a conference call featuring religious leaders.

  • This move could be seen to strengthen his religious conservative foundation prior to the next election.

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Former President Donald Trump complained about Catholics and Jews who did not vote for him in the 2020 elections, despite everything he did for their community.

Trump commented Thursday in a campaign call hosted by the American religious group Intercessors.

“I did a lot for Catholics, and I’m a little surprised that we didn’t get the Catholic vote,” Trump said.

“Now I think they will vote for us. I think we got about 50% of the votes. Still, we did a lot for the Catholic vote. So We have to talk to them. Meet Catholics. “

He pointed out the “abortion situation” with the Democratic Party and wondered “how can I vote for 50/50?”

“I don’t even understand how that is possible,” he said.

The former president expressed similar disappointment with the low number of votes from Jews.

“See what you did at the embassy in Jerusalem, and what you did in many other things. I had better friends in Israel than ever before, but I still have 25% of them. I put it in. [Jewish] I will vote. “

“I think they have to get together. We have to be a little more united with all the religious groups participating in this call.”

A conference call with leaders of various Christian and Jewish religious groups can be seen as a former president seeking to strengthen his conservative religious base ahead of the next election.

During the call, Trump repeated him Widely condemned claim He won the 2020 election and told listeners, “We have to fight like never before.”

The call started as follows Controversial Christian Evangelist Paula WhiteWorked as Trump’s “mental adviser” during his presidency.

Trump and White also had the opportunity to announce a new National Faith Advisory Board initiative that closely resembles the Faith and Opportunity Initiative launched by the former President during his inauguration in 2018.

Jewish advance The initiative explained that it was an outreach effort to oppose what the Republicans described as the Biden administration’s “anti-faith agenda.”

In a conference call, Trump repeatedly claimed that President Joe Biden and Democrats were doing bad things for religion, but didn’t elaborate on what he meant.

“What they do to religion, what they do to Christianity, it’s very, very sad for our country,” he said.

Catholic Joe Biden Openly religious President in American history. He frequently attends churches and often signs the cross at public events.

During the call, Trump praised his religion record, saying, “I don’t think anyone has done as much about our religion and religion in general as it has in the last four years.”

He later said, “One of my greatest honors was fighting for religious freedom and for adhering to the values ​​of Judaism and Christianity and the founding principles of our country.” I added.

Donald Trump previously described himself “Non-denominational Christians.”

When asked about his own religion during the call, Trump said, “It’s all based on God. It’s very important. God is very important to the success of what we are doing.”

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