Donald Trump was angry with Truth Social during the Commission’s Golden Time hearing on January 6 and demanded “equal time” on national television.

Donald Trump Hearing January

Former President Donald Trump has argued against Truth Social about not being given “equal time” on television.Chet Strange / Getty Images

  • Donald Trump complained that he was not given “equal time” to air his groundless allegations of fraudulent voting.

  • “I demand equal time !!!” The former President posted to Truth Social.

  • A few days ago, Trump issued a 12-page statement condemning the panel’s investigation on January 6.

Former President Donald Trump was furious at Truth Social on Thursday, demanding equal broadcast time on national television during the Commission’s Golden Time hearing on January 6.

Trump posted on his social media platform a few hours ago The third hearing of the committee On Thursday, he claimed that the lack of airtime was unfair to him.

“The fake news network is perpetuating lies, falsehoods, Russia, Russia, Russia type disinformation (people with the same illness, go here again!). (And many times!)”, Trump I have written..

“This is a one-sided, highly partisan witch hunt, and no such thing has ever been seen in Congress. Therefore, I am here for large-scale fraud and fraud security. We are demanding equal time to explain the breach! “Mr. Trump added that he overturned his own unfounded fraudulent allegations.

After that, the former president followed up Another postThis time in all capital letters, I’m reading “I demand equal time !!!”.

This week, Trump issued a 12-page statement condemning the January 6 investigation. In that statement, he claimed without proving that the January 6 panel investigating the riots had come out to prevent him from running for president again in 2024.

Many US television networks Broadcast January 6th hearing during prime time slot..Committee held Third of the six hearings on Thursday afternoon, outline How the Trump camp pressured former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election..

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