Donald Trump won’t go away

President Trump arrives at the White House on Thursday after returning from Bedminster, NJ

In his new book, Landslide, journalist Michael Wolff claims that former President Trump is a madman who wants a straitjacket. (The Associated Press)

Perhaps the word “Trump” a century from now will no longer refer to men, or even the presidential government.

Perhaps it will be the name of the epoch. A crucial time in human history when the United States suffered near-death experiences and regained or did not regain cognitive abilities.

As one of the fastest and first draftsmen in history, journalist Michael Wolff talks about Trump’s era from the beginning. Now he has a new book to conclude his case: Donald Trump struck the country like a destructive ball, and it will take a long, long time for us to recover.

“Landslide” is the third of the notable trilogy of Wolf White House pot boilers. The first “Fire and Anger” was published in 2018. The Siege was published in 2019. This new one, entitled “President Trump’s Last Day,” will be published this month.

I optimistically call it a trilogy, because who knows where this ends? Someday, you may see omnibuses from Wolf with new titles such as “Phoenix: Trump from Ash”, “King: Trump’s Enthronement”, “Afterlife: Trump’s Reign from Tomb”.

But even if the future isn’t too dark, as executives say, there is no “hard out” in the times. If the former president shows us something, he has no control over the act of disappearing. Implied by a hard out.

Or even soft ones.

In fact, a “landslide” is a record of Trump’s inability to leave hysterically. It takes its title from Trump’s unfounded claim that he won the election he actually lost.

But that also means another kind of avalanche: it started when Trump’s psychological cramps caused the US government’s key rolling collapse.

Wolff is high against general priesthood trade, vulgar changing room conversations, and underarm sources such as dark art master Steve Bannon and lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who are currently unlicensed in New York and Washington. It is a tolerant husler. But his patience with Kearney gives him amazing access. He is also good at picking up insider images, as Bannon describes Giuliani as a “tweet tank” during aphasia.

Wolff also has a hard-earned treatise. Donald Trump claims he’s not as crazy as a fox. He’s just a crazy madman who wants a straitjacket. He doesn’t even play chess or checkers. He covers the page with Sharpie Xs and calls it tic-tac-toe.

To make matters worse, Trump argues that the law should turn his scribbles into victorious statutory documents and win everything. The motif of this book is how much Trump looks down on all his lawyers. In his view, it is only their incompetence that keeps him away from his legitimate role as the eternal president of the United States.

If you want to relive it, the book covers the suffering of the 2020 presidential election and the Trump campaign falling into pieces.

Trump refused to come up with a platform, allow a pandemic range, or wear a mask. He got COVID-19.

A hype rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma met a vacant bank. The Republican Party hosted a lumbar puncture caliber tournament starring Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend screaming.

The president’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, had what Wolff called a “mental break.” He was driven away by the police.

Trump shines and looks in the debate. He encouraged the neo-fascist Proud Boys.

But for some reason, according to Wolff sources, Trump continued to be convinced that Joe Biden couldn’t beat him. Trump declared an unimaginable defeat, which allowed his brain to grab an imaginary victory.

Trump’s boot licker scrum works prominently in “landslides”. Concentric circles include plausible OK (Chief of Staff Mark Meadows at the time, campaign spokesman Jason Miller) to not glamorous OK (My Pillow mogul Mike Lindell, Kraken’s lawyer Sidney Powell). The Scrum Election Night competition to see who can “agree with Trump” in the loudest setting the stage for a big lie and a January 6 coup / riot attempt.

But this down-is-up position was ultimately unsustainable, at least for some Trump supporters. In Wolff’s story, Rupert Murdoch deliberately gave Trump a middle finger by having Fox News call Arizona early for Biden.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have disappeared. Mitch McConnell, then Senate majority leader, and Ati. General William Barr acknowledged Biden’s clean victory.

Wolf represents the people who stabbed it as a moaning desperado with Trump. Their wisdom is blunted by the treatment of Trump — oily flattery and barbaric cruelty. As a pioneer: Powell, Giuliani, and another lawyer of questionable ethics, Jenna Ellis. Also, these “Star Wars” Barfly: Republicans Jim Jordan, Luigo Mart, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar.

The whole story unfolds like a Greek tragedy. Because we know where it is heading, the blasphemy of the Capitol and the democracy of the United States. Here and there, past translucent moments, Trump may seem to discourage instigating violence, but that doesn’t happen.

The book concludes with a voluntary interview Trump gives to Wolff. In the lightning-fast round, Trump slugs McConnell, Mike Pence, Karl Rove, Chris Christie, Kevin McCarthy, and Brett M. Cabano.

But Wolf can’t leave it there. And neither can play cards. The former president hints at a comeback, and Wolff ends up with an unpleasant Cliffhanger. Obviously, as long as this low and dishonest era continues, Wolff will be there to record it.

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