Donald Trump’s cash is only $ 93 million, a Forbes report quotes a 2020 disclosure. That’s much less than he claimed at other times.

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Donald Trump will be seen in his office at Trump Tower in 2012.The Washington Post via Jennifer S. Altman / Getty Images

  • Donald Trump had about $ 93 million in banks as of 2020, Forbes quoted the document.

  • It’s far from the $ 793 million he claimed to have in an interview with Forbes in 2015.

  • Attorney General of New York released a series of documents on Trump’s finances last week.

Donald Trump had about $ 93 million in cash in the final year of his presidency. This is significantly less than what he claimed to have in the bank the previous year. Forbes reported.

Forbes evaluated based on released documentation Last week, New York Attorney General of New York Letitia James As part of a civil investigation into possible fraud plans at the Trump Organization.

The magazine compared it to before and made a bigger claim about how much money he had — especially in a 2015 interview claiming he had $ 793 million in cash. ..

Trump’s exact wealth has long been difficult to identify, given the complexity of his commerce and his resistance to presenting independent evidence.

The publication states that cash is only part of the big picture given Trump’s real estate and business portfolio.

Nonetheless, cash figures are very different from other series of valuations, including those given directly to Forbes by Trump in the hope of promoting him on a rich list each year.

In 2015, when Trump announced a bid for the presidential election, His campaign issued a statement claiming to have $ 302 million in current assets (cash and other readily available funds) as of June 2014.

The financial statements he was required to submit as part of the presidential campaign dropped from $ 78 million to $ 232 million in mid-2015.

According to Forbes, Trump pushed this figure even further in a sit-in interview with a magazine at his office at Trump Tower in 2015.

“As of today, I’m $ 793 million,” he told the publication, citing a much higher number than the previous one.

According to Forbes, the increase was “because I’m selling things,” according to Trump, pointing out that the Miss Universe pageant sold nearly $ 30 million.

“Here’s your cash number — or market value: 793,” Forbes reported Trump said. He is said to have put up a blank slate with “793” written in Sharpy as the only evidence.

Forbes estimates that it has $ 300 million in cash for the year and still thinks it’s too much.

Trump’s cash and liquidity holdings were listed for $ 114 million in 2016, according to a NYAG document reviewed by Forbes.

They were listed for $ 76 million in 2018, $ 87 million in 2019, and rose to $ 93 million in 2020. I own it.

Trump’s cash holdings can fluctuate completely legally as a result of his business activities. But his efforts to talk about the rarity of full disclosure from Trump and his wealth in the past prompted intense scrutiny.

The research James is pursuing against the Trump organization also focuses on the possibility that he misrepresented his finances. James’s office claims that the company had exaggerated the value of its assets over the years and had seriousness that could lead to fraud.

The company faces a parallel criminal investigation into financial issues by the Manhattan District Attorney.

Insiders contacted a Trump spokesperson for comment on the allegations.

The Trump Organization denies cheating and claims that the investigation is a political motivation.

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