Don’t focus on gun control law. Put it in prosecuting criminals for gun crime.

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Gun violation

It’s the same old story.Mother FedEx shooter Shooting eight people in Indianapolis feared that his son’s mental instability could lead him to “suicide by cop.” Last year, the FBI searched his bedroom and confiscated a shotgun.

This happened in states with Danger Signals Acts and background checks.

We are always looking at this. 2019 Observer survey From 2014 to 2018, Mecklenburg County was found to have rejected 68% of police-submitted weapons claims.

When police commit murders and assault arrests and bring them to court, defendants often do not encounter law enforcement agencies for the first time.

In most cases, records show a series of increasingly violent incidents at rapid intervals, but with little time.

Firearm violations will not be prosecuted. No existing law is being used. And each time, the solution for gun violence is to pass a gun law that has a greater impact on law-abiding citizens than on those committing violent crimes.

TheĀ· Reason given This failure of the criminal justice system often results in “no funds” for courts, prosecutors, public defenders, and investigators.

Charlotte has no problem finding millions for Major League Soccer, stadium refurbishment, light rail, and other “world-class city” equipment. It’s a matter of priority and violence is not at the top of our list of leaders.

This is ridiculous. When are we going to hold some of these people (courts and prosecutors) responsible for not prosecuting them by applying the current gun law, especially if that failure leads to a genocide?

Our politicians demand yet another “common sense gun safety regulation” when it seems that they are not concerned about enforcing a law that would prevent much of this violence already in the book. When do you quit the game?

It’s simple. There are regulations regarding “gun control”. We have little social interest in “crime management”. The latter is the problem.

Let’s have a “conversation” about “common sense crime management”.

Ed Stone, Charlotte

Sexual orientation

Recently proposed Anti-transgender law North Carolina highlights centuries of religious prejudice against various human sexualities.

Even if the human body may be telling them one thing about their sexuality, their church may tell them that it is not.

On June 29, 2016, a program titled “9 Months That Made You” was premiered on PBS. The description on the website says: “From the moment of inspiration to the moment of birth 280 days later, discover a thrilling story about how you were made. Follow the pregnancy process, the most elaborate biological choreography in nature.”

Scientific evidence makes it clear that sexual orientation is the result of a complex interaction of genetic, hormonal and environmental effects during pregnancy.

When you are born, you are yourself.

Human sexuality is firmly present in a wide range between heterosexuals and homosexuals, and all in between.

Believe it or not, humans are born with male or female physical attributes and can be of the opposite sex genetically and hormonally.

If you want to sit in your church and hate people, that’s your choice. But don’t behave like the modern Spanish Inquisitor. Leave the final decision to God.

If you intend to call yourself a pro life, you have to accept it all life.

All of God’s creations deserve respect and protection. Less than that reduces us all.

Science simply reveals the beauty and complexity of God’s creation. When you deny science, you deny God’s creative genius.

LGBTQ people are a regular part of the global community. They deserve respect.

Their well-being does not undermine someone’s religious freedom or personal sexual identity.

If your faith empowers you, that’s good, but it shouldn’t be a tool of hatred or discrimination.

Robert Marder, Raleigh