Don’t give up on the fish!Idaho Angler uses his noodles to release a jammed catch

It’s not a column week, but my recent experience was too good to share. My friend Randall and I enjoyed fishing on the boat. The bass was biting and the weather was great — it was a great trip.

In one cast, Randall’s spinnerbait broke and landed in relatively shallow water. We drove and saw it shining about 5 feet down.

“It’s hot anyway,” Randall said. “I’m going to come in and get it.”

After successfully recovering the lure, Randall let me drop him under a tree and feed him a sandwich in the shade. I trolled across the cove and threw soft plastic into some promising weed structures.

My first cast caused a bite, but I had a problem — the fish leaned under the weeds and refused to upset. I could feel him bumping, but my line was wrapped in vegetation so I couldn’t pull it out without breaking it.

Randall saw the action unfold from across the cove. “Do you need me to get him out on the noodles?” He shouted. I laughed at first, but he was seriously dead.

“I don’t know if it’s big, but if you really want to, I wouldn’t say no.”

Randall says he’s a good swimmer and experienced scuba diver, a 6’4 wild man, and prefaces what happened next. Still, it was an instantly unforgettable scene to see him swim across the cove, follow my line to the bottom, and triumphantly appear in the 16-inch bass.

So this is never to give up on fish and is in my “everything for the first time” fishing note all the time entry. And above all, it’s Noodleman’s Randall. Tight line!

Jordan Rodrigues has been fishing in the waters of Idaho since he was a teenager.Share fish stories, adventures, tips and tricks with him [email protected] Or visit

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