DoorDash drivers eat customer orders on TikTok after receiving a $1 tip


A DoorDash driver recently made headlines on social media after allegedly eating a customer’s order after receiving a $1 tip.

Passing driver door dash tips (@doordashtips2) on TikTokposted a short clip on a video-sharing site, showing him eating the contents of a red foil bag.

“DoorDash customer only tipped $1. Let’s see what he got at Arby’s!” user says. “Beef and cheddar, he’s French, he’s dip and crinkle, he’s got fries. Oh, that’s my favourite.”

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The content creator then proceeded to eat what appeared to be French fries before concluding the video with: peace! “

As of this writing, this video has been viewed over 560,000 times. Discussions in the comments section include commentary on the low wages offered to delivery drivers, proper tipping etiquette, and the objectionable behavior of some delivery drivers.

“That’s why I don’t use Door Dash. I don’t trust other people to hand over my food or mess up my order, but I do tip,” the user shared.

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“I always tip a small amount on the app, but when the person shows up at my door, I always tip $10 or more,” explained another.

“Sometimes I got a star and a bad tip. Sometimes I would take orders at 80 km/h and literally do it (if nothing spilled). I was still making $50 an hour. ‘said the delivery man.

“Why did you accept the order? You know exactly what you are tipping in advance. Driver writes.

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“Ask the company why you don’t get the cut”There is a shipping charge on top of the app fee,” a commenter suggested.

TikToker responded to a commenter who asked him why he should take tips when he works as a delivery person, saying that customers who cannot tip can pick up their orders themselves. I posted a follow-up video.

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Ah Research Contract by circuit route planner Last year, it was revealed that 80% of delivery workers admitted to eating part of a customer’s order.

Drivers also reported “deliberately” damaging packages/goods hired for delivery (23%), urinating in or near a customer’s residence (9%), and opening and re-opening packages. admitted to sealing (17%) and stealing packages addressed to others. (17%).

Delivery drivers who admitted to having a bad attitude said they were disrespectful because of bad tips (73%), tip baiting, or placing a generous tip before removing it later on the order (30%), He said it was caused by a customer’s dog barking. (57%), customer familiar with content on her TikTok and social media posts (42%), customer surly (30%).

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