Double jab British returning from amber list country to be exempt from self-quarantine in the UK

Beginning July 19, the government confirms that UK residents “fully vaccinated” by the National Health Service (NHS) will no longer need to be self-isolated from “amber list” countries after vacation. did.

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson details the fourth phase of the roadmap for reopening the country, it is scheduled for the same day if the Minister gives final approval on July 12.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps announced on Thursday a change in the government’s signaling system for international travel in Parliament.

“From 19th July, we can see today that UK residents who have been fully vaccinated with UK vaccinations will no longer need to be quarantined when they return to the UK,” Chaps told MP. ..

“They need to take the test 3 days before returning home. The pre-departure test shows negative before the trip and the PCR test must be done on the 2nd day or earlier, but take the test. No need. Eighth day test, “he said.

“In essence, this means that for fully vaccinated travelers, the requirements of the countries on the green and amber lists are the same.

According to Shaps, “complete vaccination” means 14 days after the last dose of the vaccine, and the rules of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are decided by the delegated government. Therefore, it was revealed that it may be postponed.

He also elaborated on tax exemptions for children as UK drug regulators do not currently recommend vaccination for children.

“Children under the age of 18 returning from a country on the amber list do not need to be isolated or take the test on the 8th day when returning home. Children between the ages of 5 and 10 do not need to take the test on the 2nd day. And, as before, children under the age of 4 are exempt from all testing and isolation requirements. “

The plan has a sunset clause on July 31, when the Minister will consider changing the rules.

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Passengers in the Arrivals Hall at Heathrow Airport in London, August 22, 2020. (Aaron Chown / PA)

under Current rules, All adult arrivals must undergo a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus test prior to departure. Returnees from the “Red List” country will be required to pay a 10-day quarantine at a controlled hotel and two test fees. Amber List arrivals are required to pay the test fee and quarantine themselves for 10 days. On the other hand, arrivals on the “Green List” will need to be tested again two days after arrival.

There are only a handful of places on the green list right now, and most of Britain’s favorite vacation destinations remain on the amber list.

The travel industry was delighted after the announcement, but questioned the need to continue the trial and urged the government to extend the exemption to vaccinated people in other countries.

After hearing the announcement, Brittany Ferry CEO Christoph Mathieu said it was “the news we’ve been waiting for all year long.”

“Finally, the storm clouds have risen and the sun has begun to shine,” Matthew said.

“I expect demand to skyrocket in the coming weeks and my message to our customers is clear. With space available, this is a great time to book a vacation and we’ll be waiting for you to serve you. I can’t cut it.

Tim Alderslade, CEO of Airlines UK, a trade association representing UK-registered airlines, said the move was “a positive move towards a true resumption that the sector sought.” ..

He told the government, “We will continue this momentum by adding more countries to the green list next week and removing the tedious testing requirements in the next review on July 31, thereby quarantining everyone. Open up trips other than. “

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British Airways plane at Heathrow Airport in western London on May 17, 2021. (Steve Parsons / Pennsylvania)

Heathrow boss John Holland Kay welcomed the “great news” but urged the government to move further.

“To actually start the UK economic recovery, the UK in the world needs to start trading again,” he said. “US business can reach the EU, but the UK remains blocked.”

By the end of July, Holland-Kaye said, “The UK should open up travel to fully vaccinated people from more countries,” especially in the United States.

British Airways CEO Shawn Doyle said of the overseas travel announcement:

Asked about accepting vaccination certificates from other countries, Mr. Chaps said the changes announced Thursday would “prioritize those vaccinated in the UK.”

“We want to welcome foreign visitors to the UK and are working to expand our approach to vaccinated passengers from key markets such as the US and EU and vacation destinations. “I have,” he added, adding that he would update the MP. “As a matter of course”.

Responding to the announcement of Chaps rule changes twitterCriticized the rule as unfair because it discriminates against young adults who have not been vaccinated for the second time, those who are infected with COVID-19 and have innate immunity, and those who choose not to inject. Some people do. CCP vaccine.

PA contributed to this report.

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