Dozens of big rigs and cars depart from the south of Montreal

one of three Freedom Convoy truck drivers and supporters East Quebec Group dozens from near the US border south of Montreal before heading to the meeting place at Bank Creek Hill on Friday night and before heading to Ottawa on Saturday. I left on Friday with a truck.

Truck drivers and supporters have been mobilized throughout Canada after the government imposed a vaccination obligation on cross-border truck drivers in mid-January, and the movement is now broader and other restrictive COVIDs. -19 Targeting countermeasures.

To date, many Canadian flags have been seen on trucks and have been waved by supporters across the country. This time, the same amount of Quebec flags were seen, many of which were displayed or blown upside down as a sign of distress or protest.

Some politicians and the media are trying to describe the convoy as consisting of individuals who are prejudiced or trying to resort to violence, so some of the participants will tell us. I hesitated, but there was a clear message to those who did.

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Proponents of the “Freedom Convoy” wave on a truck passing south of Montreal on January 28, 2022. (Noé Charter / The Epoch Times)

“We support each other. We are not racists. We are here for freedom. The end of the story,” said Eric, who has been driving a truck for 19 years. Peras said.

“What we’re experiencing isn’t fun. It’s not just a truck driver’s problem. It’s a freedom problem,” Peras said. “We were free. They robbed us of our freedom and forced us to vaccinate, which is not correct. We want to live as before and protect the freedom we had. I think it’s not us who pay for this, but our children and grandchildren. They will be in a much worse condition than we are.

Peras said he is doing this for “everyone” because he is not personally affected by the vaccine obligations for truck drivers.

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Trucks participating in the “Freedom Convoy” will depart from the southern region of Montreal on January 28, 2022. (Noé Charter / The Epoch Times)

Luc Leblanc, a truck driver who has been on the road for 22 years, has also been dissatisfied with some of the media coverage so far.

“The important thing is not what people are saying, but what we are experiencing,” he says, and those who try to break what they are doing are ultimately held accountable. He added that it might be.

“I am here for support, solidarity, and freedom. This is not an anti-vaccination event. I have been vaccinated three times. It is a measure and all we are doing now. Because of that. “

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A truck participating in the “Freedom Convoy” departing from the southern region of Montreal on January 28, 2022. (Noé Charter / The Epoch Times)

There were about 12 trucks and more supporters at the meetinghouse.

Among them was Sae Yamamoto Richard, who hung the green, white and red flags of Quebec patriots who participated in the rebellion against colonial rule from 1837 to 1838.

“I paid for this medical system because I was 73 and quit my job at 72. Nevertheless, I was banished for refusing their genetic test. I’m my own. I want the right, the right to go wherever I like, “she said.

“It’s very safe [to see truckers take a stand].. Two years have passed. The government is in favor of my claim and the media is hiding the truth without saying anything. “

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Proponents of the “Freedom Convoy” will hold the sign on January 28, 2022 when the truck departs the southern region of Montreal. (Noé Charter / The Epoch Times)

Another supporter, Melissa Reynolds, stood by the road with a sign. “I’m here to help many brave Canadians who say’enough’,” she said.

“It’s overkill when you’re at a stage where you can’t shop at Wal-Mart or Costco without showing medical evidence of vaccination.”

Reynolds said the problem wasn’t vaccination or non-vaccination, but “basic freedom, autonomy for one’s body.”

“It is not the government’s responsibility to impose what you put in your body.”

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.