Dozens of former Trump officials, including John Kerry and Stephanie Grisham, are planning to block their former bosses in 2022 and 2024.

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US President Donald Trump will attend a national prayer breakfast at a hotel in Washington, DC on February 8, 2018.MANDELNGAN / AFP via Getty Images

  • Dozens of Trump staff held conference calls to find ways to thwart their ex-bosses.

  • According to CNN, the phone included former Chief of Staff Jung Kelly and Trump’s Communications Directors Anthony Scaramucci and Alyssa Farah Griffin.

  • According to Stephanie Grisham, the goal is to “do a few things to officially quit” the former president.

About three dozen former Trump officials jumped into the conference call this week to understand how to stop Trump in 2022 and 2024, according to the report. CNN.

Jake Tapper reported on the phone call last Monday, involving prominent Trump officials such as former Trump Chief of Staff John Kerry. Former White House staff members Arisafara Griffin and Anthony Skalamchi were also on the phone, according to CNN. Former Department of Homeland Security Official Elizabeth Neumann, When Former Director of Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency Chris Krebs..

What all these individuals have in common seems to be Trump’s refusal.Kelly made Some statements about Trump, Saying the former president “Even some of the basics of the United States know nothing about history.” He also said in August 2020 Telling Trump that what he was trying to do was illegal was like “a French kissing a chainsaw.”

Scaramucci, famous for serving as the White House’s communications director in less than two weeks, Broken in Playing cards And repeat A feud with the former president. Meanwhile, Griffin, a former spokesman for Vice President Mike Pence and former Trump Communications Director, He was accused by the president who called her a “clown.” She also commented in January: Republicans are “morally devastated” The Republicans didn’t admit that the January 6 Capitol riot was a “big deal.”

According to Tapper Miles Taylor, a Trump official, has become a prominent anti-Trump critic.Ideas included “shining light” on the former president’s financial supporters and finding ways to defeat Trump, according to Tapper. Approved candidates running in 2022 and 2024.

“We all passionately agreed that letters and statements have no meaning,” Taylor told CNN. “The two valid words are” election effects. ” How can you get a concrete election effect for the radical candidates approved by Trump? “

Taylor turned out to be the author of a particularly bitter 2018 New York Times editorial. title “I’m part of the resistance within the Trump administration.”

Former White House spokesman Stephanie Grisham, who first revealed the existence of the group, had not answered the phone because of the COVID-19 infection, but she told CNN that she was still involved in the group.Grisham Said the group was meeting on January 6th To talk about how they can do some things to formally try to quit [Trump].. “

The group, which has not published its name or list of members, is one of several Republican-linked organizations that have expressed opposition to Trump. In October, a Republican group Republican Party for Voting Rights With several signs across the United States, including Times Square, it reminded us that the former president lost the 2020 elections. The Lincoln Project, founded by current and former Republicans, also worked to prevent Trump’s reelection during the 2020 elections.

Trump hasn’t announced the presidential election yet, Said in November He will “probably” wait until the midterm elections are over to see if he will hold a presidential election in 2024.

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