Dozens of migrants refused to move from Manhattan hotels to Brooklyn mega-shelters

Over 50 migrants camped outside the Watson Hotel. manhattan Protests took place Sunday night after the city attempted to move single male immigrants to a new shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to make room for immigrant families.

The new shelter houses as many as 1,000 single adult men and offers the same services migrants received, city officials said. new york post. shelter is the fifth A humanitarian emergency response and relief center has been established in the city since last year.

Some migrants reportedly went to shelters over the weekend and returned to hotels to sleep outside last night.

One activist new york post Immigrants find shelters “unfriendly”.

Around 10 o’clock on Sunday, a dozen or so police officers were dispatched to the hotel. afternoon Fewer people remained after midnight, according to reports, to control the crowds.activists from south bronx mutual aid Provides food, water and translation services.

Immigrants held banners calling for permanent housing and “cancellation of rent.”

A spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams said the city continues to “beyond our moral obligations” in caring for the influx of immigrants.

“More than 42,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City since last spring. We continue to exceed our moral obligations,” said spokesperson Fabien Levy. new york post.

“The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal facility provides the same services as all other humanitarian relief centers in the city, and our planned move to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal this weekend went as planned,” Levy said. added. “We seriously need continued support from both the state and federal governments.”

Earlier this month, Adams traveled to El Paso, Texas to raise awareness of the growing problem at the border.

“[W]When I visited El Paso, not only did it hurt the foundations of El Paso, but I also saw Chicago, Houston, Washington, New York City and could see the impact first hand,” Adams said. Said MSNBC.

“It is unfair for cities to bear the burden of national affairs,” he added.

Asked if he had a constructive conversation with the Biden administration about “bringing more order to the border,” Adams said: t do i know who it is?

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