Dozens of people infected with COVID-19 could have been infected with Everest during this mountaineering season.


Everest. Rakpa Shelpa via Getty Images / AFP

COVID-19 did what many climbers couldn’t — the virus reached the summit of Everest.

After talking to Sherpa guides, expedition companies, and mountaineers New York Times Estimate By the end of the mountaineering season in early June, at least 59 people infected with COVID-19 had been infected with Everest. However, when asked by the Nepalese tourism authorities who oversee the Everest expedition, they said no one had COVID-19 in the mountains, explaining the disease as pneumonia or a dry air cough.

38-year-old Jangbu Sherpa was the first person to carry COVID-19 and may have reached the summit of Mount Everest. Times Report. He was hired to help the Prince of Bahrain climb the mountain and became ill at the base camp in April. After his fever and cough worsened, the company that hired him airlifted Sherpa to Kathmandu Hospital, where he tested positive for the coronavirus.

He spent nearly two weeks in the hospital and recovered at home, but returned to work because it was difficult to find an experienced guide and the expedition company didn’t want to lose thousands of dollars. Still fighting the virus, he led the prince and 15 others to the May 11 summit.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and depends on tourism costs. In 2019, more than $ 2 billion was raised from mountaineering and trekking. The expedition was canceled in 2020 due to a pandemic, Nepal needed money this year and did not need to extend the climbing permit. Times Report. In Nepal, even 3% of the population has not been fully vaccinated with COVID-19, and few Sherpas were vaccinated at the beginning of the mountaineering season.

To climb, people had to test negative for the virus, and there were more tests in the mountains, wearing masks, and social distance.Still, people are beginning to get infected with the virus, and many have been pressured to hide the infection, mountaineers and expedition companies said. Times.. There were 408 foreign climbers this year, and almost half bowed due to the COVID-19 infection and the snowstorm caused by the cyclone.

After four years of training, the Croatian Mario Celinic arrived in Everest this year and tested positive for COVID-19 at the base camp.He said Times He had no symptoms, so he decided to still climb, likening Everest to “a beautiful flower that always kills you.”read more so New York Times.

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