Dr. Mehmet Oz proposes to abandon Senate security clearance to maintain Turkey’s dual citizenship

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz Ricardo Sabi / Getty Images at the Concordia Summit

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Candidate TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz told reporters Tuesday that he was prepared to waive certain security clearances to maintain dual citizenship between the United States and Turkey if elected in November. Oz again stated that he maintains dual citizenship so that he can take care of his mother who lives in Turkey and has Alzheimer’s disease. “I can love my country and love my mother,” Oz said. according to Political PASteve Ulrich..

Born to Turkish parents in Cleveland, Oz meets all legal requirements for serving in the Brookings Institution’s Senate. Molly Reynolds told PolitiFact.. “The only qualification to serve in Congress is age, a US citizen in the Senate for at least nine years, and living in the state you represent at the time of the election.” Senators say they have dual nationality. You are not even obliged to disclose what you are doing. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) abandoned Canadian citizenship in 2014, for example, after already serving in the Senate.

And, unlike other federal authorities, the House of Representatives “doesn’t have security clearance in itself.” Roll call Report.. “Rather, members of the House of Representatives are traditionally considered credible in nature because of the positions they hold.”

At the same time, like Oz, “Our country has experienced a senator who has dual citizenship, belongs to a foreign army, and maintains deep ties to other countries in which he has citizenship. I’ve never done it. ” Josh Rogan claims: Washington post.. And Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “is notorious for punishing those who cross him.”

At least, “Oz’s dual citizenship, and his reluctance to abandon Turkey’s citizenship, will keep the FBI and security managers up late,” said Michael Rubin, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Told. Talk to Logan..

Oz is competing in the Republican primary with hedge fund millionaire David McCormick, and the winner will face the leader in the Democratic primary.If Oz finally attends Congress, Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists Said Political PA“We would expect parliamentary leaders to reach an understanding with new dual citizenship members who allow the sharing of sensitive information under certain basic rules and some restrictions,” he said. ..

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