Drained lake reveals lost Italian village wreckage

The ruins of a small village were first revealed since 1950. The lake was drained for repair work on a hydroelectric power plant and replaced the village of Kron 71 years ago on May 16, 721 at Reschensee, Italy. (Distribution via Luisa Azzolini / Reuters)

Rome — The eerie image of the church belfry that emerged from Lake Reschensee in northern Italy became so famous that it influenced books and the Netflix series.

The ruins of the surrounding villages, which are now submerged for over 70 years, have been revealed again.

The village of Kron used to live in 160 homes with about 900 inhabitants, but in 1950 it was flooded to build a hydroelectric power plant.

After the leak was found, the lake was temporarily drained for reservoir repair work, exposing the remains of a village in South Tyrol, adjacent to Austria and Switzerland.

Workers began draining the lake a few months ago, and the area was completely dry after the ice layer melted in April.

A pile of bricks and rubble and several stairs were found. All of these are the remnants of the old Kron village, which named the Italian Netflix horror series based on the lost town.

“It was strange to walk in the rubble of the house, and I felt curiosity and sadness,” said local inhabitant Lucia Azzolini.

Church bell tower coming out of the lake
Video of a church bell tower appearing alone from the lake on April 24, 2021 at Reschensee, Italy, when it was drained for repair work on a hydroelectric power plant that replaced the village of Kron 71 years ago. Screen grab from. Luisa Azzolini (Distribution via Reuters)

Due to coronavirus restrictions, hotels in the state were closed for several months, so few people noticed the reappearance of Kron until Italy relaxed the blockade rules and visitors began to return to the area. ..

But the charm is not long. A power company started returning water to the lake a week ago, but after a few weeks the water was full and the village remained submerged again.

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