Dredging is about to release a grounded cargo ship in the Chesapeake Bay

Baltimore (AP) — Dredging has begun releasing cargo ships left behind in the Chesapeake Bay for more than a week, the US Coast Guard said Monday.

The rescue company will begin dredging around Everforward 1,095 feet (334 meters) on Sunday, and work is expected to continue throughout the week, Coast Guard noncommissioned officer Petty Officer Third Class Breana Centeno said in an email. rice field. The grounded vessel is stable, poses no threat of pollution, and does not affect the operation of the Baltimore port, Centano said.

State and federal agencies have issued all permits, tweeted William P. Doyle, executive director of the Maryland Port Authority. Dredged sediment will be used to rebuild Poplar Island, an island off the east coast that is suffering from severe erosion, Doyle said.

According to the United States Coast Guard, Everforward ran aground north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Baltimore Port to Norfolk, Virginia on March 13. A ship operated by Taiwan-based Evergreen Marine Corp. was stuck outside the route, authorities said there were no reports of injury, damage or contamination.

Evergreen plans to resurface Everforward on Friday by dredging the muddy floors of the bay, releasing ballast to lighten luggage, and using tugboats and the ship’s main engine to release the ship. Said to include.

The Coast Guard says authorities have not yet identified the cause of Everforward’s grounding. Unlike her last year’s high-profile grounding on the Suez Canal in her sister ship, Evergiven, this ship does not interfere with her navigation. This disrupted the world’s supply chain for several days.