Drone discovers two more avalanches from Italy, 9 o’clock toll


Kanazei, Italy — Authorities said searchers and several hikers were killed in a mountain where the downhill slopes from glaciers in the Italian Alps were so unstable that the ice, about the size of an apartment building, broke over the weekend. He said the dog couldn’t work. However, with the help of the drone, two more bodies were found on the edge of a large amount of debris from the avalanche.

President Maurizio Fugatti of Trent told reporters Wednesday night in Canazei, a resort town at the foot of a mountain covered with the Marmolada Glacier.

The five people who were hiking are not explained. But officials emphasized that it’s not clear if they will be counted among the five who said the family had never returned from the mountains until they were able to identify the two bodies identified by the drone. ..

All missing persons are Italian. So far, four out of nine dead have been identified.

While hikers enjoyed Sunday outings in warm, sunny weather, most of the glaciers were cut off and avalanche ice and rocks thundered across major hiking trails.

Rescuers said they hoped that the temperature would drop on Thursday, reducing the risk of avalanches and allowing searchers to reach the slopes of Marmolada.

A missing Italian relative was forced to recover the body of a loved one believed to be buried in an avalanche. The size of the distant vertices of the glacier is compared to the building of the apartment.

Trent prosecutor Sandro Raimondi said in an interview Wednesday on Italian state radio that he had begun a formal investigation to determine if any negligence was included. The prosecution will consult with a geologist.

However, Raimondi said the avalanche seemed unpredictable at this point.

“Unpredictability at this point is the main character,” he said.

A forensic investigator dispatched from the city of Palma took a sample from some of the bodies recovered on Wednesday and tried to determine if they belonged to any of the missing persons.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Canazei and a small town at the foot of the Dolomites mountains have issued ordinances to hikers to close the summit of Marmolada. Some people ignored the order and scrambled the lower slopes.

View of Marmolada mountain
At Mount Marmolada and the Puntalocca Glacier near Kanazei, an avalanche collapsed on July 3, 2022, and large amounts of ice, snow and rocks were sent to hikers in the Italian Alps in northern Italy on July 6, 2022. (Luca Bruno / AP photo)

Authorities cite a week-long heat wave and light winter snowfall in northern Italy as potential factors for a weekend collapse of glaciers that have shrunk dramatically over decades.

Marmolada’s temperature exceeded 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) last weekend and was unusually high in early summer, officials said.

Between 2004 and 2015, glaciers lost 30% of their volume and 22% of their area.

People whose livelihoods are intertwined with the mountains provided their own observations. Carlo Budel, the manager of the alpine hut on the Marmolada side, remembered last month that the glacier was not covered with snow.

“When I moved to the hut on June 1st last year, it took only half a day to get in because the hut was all covered with snow,” he said. “But this year I opened the door in just 30 minutes.”

By Luca Bruno and Frances D’Emilio

Associated Press