Drone footage appears to show “up to 1,000” migrants detained during the border crisis


Drone footage released on Sunday is reported to show that up to 1,000 migrants are being detained under the mission bridge. Texas, As the border crisis expands.

A video posted on Twitter by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin shows a large number of people detained by border guards under the bridge.

“This is the largest immigrant group I’ve seen detained by border guards under the Anzalduas Bridge in a Texas mission. It seems that it could be up to 1,000 people,” Melgin said. I have written.. “You can only see it with a drone. There is a popular Rio Grande intersection nearby.”

Biden wants the federal government to provide lawyers to immigrants at the border

The video caught the attention of several Republicans who have already criticized the Biden administration’s response to the significant increase in illegal activity. Border crossing..

“A stunning video showing a true disaster at the border,” Texas Senator Ted Cruz I have written.. “Thanks to Biden and Harris, it’s a revolving door, not a safe border, and has been used by more than 800,000 illegal immigrants since taking office. #BidenBorderCrisis.. “

Colorado General Assembly Kenback also shared the video, call It’s “outrageous.”

Like Cruz, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik linked the footage to the actions of the Biden administration.

“Absolute catastrophe by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, House of Representatives and Senate Democrats. #BidenBorderCrisis,” she I have written On Twitter.

The footage arrived the day after a top executive of the Border Patrol Union warned that immigrants who tested positive for COVID-19 should be released to the United States.

“Not everyone we encounter tests. It’s just something that shows some kind of symptom, not everyone has it,” said Vice-President of the Border Security Bureau. Chis Cabrera said. Fox news Saturday.

“And we release people outdoors every day with a real positive test for COVID, and more and more people continue to emerge,” he added.

Cabrera sees about 20,000 migrant arrests at the border in his sector alone, with about 2 to 3,000 daily, leading to a large number of agents being quarantined or sick in COVID-19. I warned.

“Currently, many agents are being quarantined, and in addition to agents infected with COVID, the problem is increasing. So I’m worried about catching it myself. I’m worried about my family and colleagues. When the real situation happens here, everyone is blind to it. “

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Since taking office, President Joe Biden And his White House received bipartisan backlash due to the increase in illegal intersections. Monthly border insecurity continues to set records as it did in June.Agent reported almost witnessed 190,000 I tried to cross illegally, which is the highest price in 21 years. Also, in June, concerns exceeded one million milestones in fiscal year 2021.

Border guard He didn’t immediately respond to the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

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