Drones swarming on U.S. warships have not yet been identified, says the Navy’s chief.

That drone Hovering For hours off California, the area around the US destroyer remains unidentified for more than a year and a half after the episode, according to the Navy’s chief executive officer.

Admiral Michael Gildi, Chief of Naval Operations, spoke about the July 2019 flight at a group of defense writers event in Washington on Monday. Guilty said the incident (and other similar sightings) was still under evaluation.

Asked if the Navy identified a drone flying near a U.S. warship near the Channel Islands off Southern California, Guilty said, “No, we haven’t.”

“I know those sightings, and as it has been reported, there have been other sightings by aerial aviators and other ships in the United States as well as in other countries-and of course the United States Integrated Forces. Other elements within, “Gildy said.

“These findings have been collected and are still being analyzed,” he said.

“There is an established process across the joint unit to collect that data and retrieve it into another repository for analysis,” said the Admiral.

Guilty appeared to be referencing a pending report requested The Senate Intelligence Committee, which requested the Director of National Intelligence in consultation with the Pentagon, called for a report of unexplained sightings of advanced aircraft and drones documented by the military by June 25. The report is to find out if foreign enemies are behind unidentified aircraft.

Asked if the aircraft was an “extraterrestrial,” Guildy said, “there were no signs of it all.”

The flight was first reported by Drive’s website based on ship logs and emails released under the request for freedom of information. NBC News got the same document.

6 Drone The drone flew around the warship at once for several days with poor visibility, flashing lights and encouraging security measures on board.

The drone was able to stay in the air for more than 90 minutes, beyond the capabilities of commercial drones.

According to the ship’s logbook, the drone could also fly at the same speed as a destroyer moving at 16 knots with low visibility, which is defined as less than one nautical mile.

This episode increased the likelihood of a serious security breach.

The drone’s flight took place near San Clemente Island, where the Navy SEAL training site, ship-to-land live shooting range, and airfields and other sensitive military installations are located.

The mysterious drone flight is immediate from Navy and FBI agents and intelligence officers, including Special Agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, FBI Field Office in Los Angeles, and Director of the Maritime Information Operations Center of the Navy’s Third Fleet. Prompted for inquiries. According to an email obtained by NBC News, the fleet.

The email revealed that the issue has received a high level of attention, even to the Chief of Naval Operations office.

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