Drug cartels are more than just border issues

As do you Dangerous disaster occurs at the southern border, Know this: Those cartels operating on the border also have horrific businesses in their hometowns throughout the United States, far away.

Just a few weeks ago, a vehicle carrying nine people (two packed in the trunk) stopped due to a traffic violation in a quiet suburban town of San Antonio, Texas, 180 miles from the border. Did. All residents told the exact same story — the general reality of cartel-led smuggling and trafficking. They said they were stuck on the side of the road and hitchhiking. The driver and his girlfriend were “kind enough” to pick them up. In fact, the driver was ordered to pick them up.

The driver smuggled these illegal immigrants from Mexico and Honduras after passing through the Del Rio Sector, the territory of the Los Zetas faction Cartel del Noreste. Among the passengers was a teenage boy who paid $ 4,000 to transport to California to harvest grapes for $ 13 an hour. But the cartel had different plans. The boy learned that they had actually headed to a hiding place in Houston — where those who did not pay the full amount were detained or trafficked until the balance was paid.

More recently, a female cartel victim was in the process of trafficking when she encountered law enforcement agencies in Kendall County, Texas, including Berne. She knew she had to work for a while to pay off her debt to the smuggled cartel, but she didn’t know what the job would be like. If she hadn’t been taken up by law enforcement, I could only imagine the horror she would have experienced in the hands of these monsters.

At least five cartel smuggling cases have occurred in Kendall County, Texas, in recent months. In another April incident, two 17-year-old young women and a teenage boy were trafficked. A 17-year-old child is treated as a minor under federal law and is hired because it makes it difficult to prosecute a cartel.

Cartel del Noreste charges about $ 12,000 for someone’s shipment from Mexico or Central America to enter the United States across the Texas-Mexico border. If the individual is from the Middle East or Asia, it can be several times that. In March, law enforcement agencies in Kendall County stopped and pursued a vehicle in which several passengers had escaped. Residents were on their way to San Antonio with only a partial payment for the cartel. So the family paid the remaining balance ($ 11,000 total).

The amount of cartel trafficking activity should scare all Americans. For example, in Kendall County, the cartel team will perform at least three shifts. It changes the time to avoid personal detection and transportation per day. Dozens of cargoes may be moving each day. About 26,000 illegal immigrants fled across the border in the Del Rio sector alone last month, according to sources inside the Department of Homeland Security.

These violent criminal gangs are notorious for committing brutal killings and threatening Mexican police and politicians to gain and maintain power and interests. This is evident in Tamaulipas, Mexico, which is currently operating effectively under the influence of cartels and, as a result, does not cooperate with US immigration law enforcement.

Now, An unprecedented surge of people illegally invading the Texas-Mexico borderIt allows further dissemination of cartel practices in the United States, a direct result of the administration’s reckless policies. And our law enforcement agencies can do just that to stop it.

If a cartel-related situation is intercepted and a local law enforcement agency contacts ICE or DHS, the local law enforcement agency will be instructed to obtain as much information as possible before letting go of everyone. If the DHS chooses to take up the case and defines the case as smuggling, authorities are no longer allowed to detain their important witnesses and must obtain a complete confession from the parties involved. Cartel hand.

As a current and former prosecutor, it has become difficult every day to prosecute these cases, give justice to cartel victims, and hold these criminals accountable. Large-scale flows of illegal immigrants weaken the ability of border guards to secure borders. And with the overkill of internal enforcement, the cartels prove they are in control of this crisis. As a result, they are making great profits. Now, moving their activities further inside us and into our community, cartels are making $ 10 to $ 14 million a day in trafficking humans and drugs through our neighborhood.

This is no longer just a border issue. It’s a national issue. Far from our borders, we are getting closer and closer to where most of us live, and there are dangerous people doing horrible things to humans for the benefit. Cartel smugglers are becoming more and more armed and bold as they expand their activities on US lands. The children, women, and young men they prey on are humans, but are treated by both the president and his allies as political pawns for the empowerment of criminals who endanger the lives of Americans and immigrants. I will. Chaos is not compassionate. It’s time for the chaos to end.

Nicole Bishop is a criminal district attorney in Kendall County, Texas. Chiproy represents the 21st District of Texas in the US House of Representatives.

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