Dubai extinguishes fire on board Jebel Ali port

According to the Dubai government’s media office, the fire on board the ship at Dubai’s Jebel Ali port was extinguished on Thursday after being ignited all night by a container explosion.

The flames at the largest transshipment hub in the Middle East were caused by containers holding flammable materials, Dubai Media Office (DMO) Secretary-General Mona Al Marie told Al Arabiya TV, describing it as a “normal accident.” did.

The DMO said there were no casualties and officials said the crew had evacuated to Al Arabiya.

Police in Dubai, a regional business hub and one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, said the explosion could have been caused by “rubbing or high temperatures” during the hot summer months. It was.

Sukhail Al Mazulowei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates, said all logistics operations at the Jebel Ali port have resumed. “Our current priority is to ensure that accidents do not affect the marine environment,” he said in a ministry statement.

The ministry named the ship an ocean trader. Dubai officials have previously stated that they are capable of carrying 130 containers. Reuters was unable to contact the shipowner immediately.

Overnight, the DMO posted a video of water being pumped to extinguish the flames. Witnesses in a residential area 22 km (14 miles) from Jebel Ali heard an explosion.

The DMO said the vessel was preparing to dock in a berth “away from the port’s major shipping companies.”

The state-owned DP World, the owner of the Jebel Ali port, which handled 13.5 million containers in 2020, did not immediately comment when contacted by Reuters.

Lisa Barrington and Alexander Cornwell

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