Dubai is dealing with heat of 125 degrees by impacting rainwater from clouds using a laser beam firing drone



The United Arab Emirates uses drones to charge clouds and rain to increase annual rainfall. Shutterstock

  • Dubai shoots a laser beam at the clouds and rains with a drone that encourages rainfall.

  • It acts like a cloud cow food, forcing small drops together to create large drops.

  • Dubai has four inches of rainfall annually, with temperatures rising to 125 degrees Celsius in June.

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Dubai National Meteorological Center I found a new way to make it rain. They use laser beam shooting drones to artificially generate rainfall.

Last week, the national weather service was posted 2 video Provides evidence of heavy rains on the streets of Dubai.

The mechanism is as follows: The drone shoots a laser beam at the clouds to charge electricity. The charge promotes precipitation by forcing water droplets together to create larger raindrops, essentially charging the air to create rain.

March of this year BBC The United Arab Emirates reported that it is considering testing a drone technology developed in collaboration with the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.

Artificially generated rain is very important as Dubai only rains on average 4 inch rainfall Every year.this Make agriculture difficult When Have the country import more than 80% of food..

It also does not help the country’s sultry temperatures.For example, June 6, Dubai Recorded a high temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dubai’s rainmaking technology Artificial rainfall, Used in usa Since 1923 NS Fight long-term drought..Artificial rainfall Requires crushed silver iodide, A chemical used in photography, that helps create water clusters in the air.

According to the report by ForbesThe UAE has invested in nine rain promotion projects in the last few years, totaling about $ 15 million. Most of these projects involve traditional cloud seeding techniques.

Critics of drone technology are worried that it can unintentionally cause large-scale floods. Also, according to Forbes reports, they are worried that such technology will be privatized.

In the United States, innovative solutions to the extreme effects of climate change have been sought. Billionaire Bill Gates Supports Development of solar dimming technology It may help achieve a global cooling effect by reflecting the sun’s rays from the planet’s atmosphere.

in the meantime, Over 80 wildfires have occurred nationwide, A devastating community and a devastating home. July 13th, Death Valley, California Maximum temperature of 128 degrees Fahrenheit NS Record of the hottest temperature on earth since 2017..

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