Dubai police warn that “wild cats” will hit residential areas

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Dubai police warned residents of skyscraper-studded urban residential areas on Tuesday that “wild cats” are loose in the area.

Police did not name the entire animal, but the government’s Dubai Media Office said police were combing the city’s Springs district for cats.

Police urged the public to call them if they found an animal.

“Dubai police are strictly prohibited from bringing wildlife of any kind into the public environment by emirate law, and violators may face severe fines and up to six months’ imprisonment. “There is,” the Dubai Media Office said in a tweet. ..

The thrill of keeping lions, cheetahs and tigers as pets is popular in some parts of the Gulf Arab countries, which are considered to be wealth and power positions.

While it is illegal for pets to endanger or threaten wildlife in the United Arab Emirates, many Emirati men have been witnessed on cruises in luxury cars with their pet lions.

The lion fled his home in the Albasha district of Dubai in 2016 before police seized it.

In Kuwait, a man was sued in 2014 after a pet lion fled and attacked a Filipino maid.

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