Ducey and others demand the resignation of the Secretary of Homeland Security after a comment leaks


Governor Doug Duchy called on Land Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas to resign after a leak of comments to the Texas Border Guard on Thursday, calling the border crisis “unsustainable” and “borders are at the forefront of defense.” If so, you will lose. “

“When it comes to fighting for border security, losers are not what we need,” Ducey said in a statement on Friday. “It’s time for Secretary Mallorcus to resign, publicly tell the truth to the American people, confront the radical activists within the Biden Harris administration, and replace him with someone who will end the crisis in the South.”

During a visit to the Texas border, Mallorcus said agents handled more than 212,000 migrant encounters in July, up 13% from the previous month.

“A few days ago I was in Mexico.” If the border was the first line of defense, we would lose and I think this is unsustainable, “Mallorcus said. Leaked audio captured by Fox News. “We can’t continue this way. People in the field can’t continue and our system isn’t built for that.”

Ducey said the Arizonas understand that strong borders are essential to public security and national security.

“The record of the failure of the Biden Harris administration on this issue led to this moment. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, through their words and actions, widened and protected the southern border of the United States. I let the world know that it wasn’t done, “he said.

Illegal immigrants broke the 21-year record, Ducey claimed in a release. He said law enforcement and humanitarian organizations were “at the limit”, children dangerously crossed the border, drugs entered the community, and cartels controlled the territory south of the border. ..

“And now Secretary Mallorcus has confirmed our worst fear,” he said.

The governor said Mallorcus had revealed “confusion, dysfunction, and the attitude of losers” throughout the US Department of Homeland Security.

“This administration has completely lost control of the border,” Ducey emphasized. “And in his comments, Secretary Mallorcus showed that he fully understood the catastrophe that was happening at the border, yet he lacked the skills, ability and will to deal with it properly. “

Attorney General Mark Brnovich Called For Mallorcus to resign Republican officials From other states.

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