Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson joins the family with up-to-date information on the “home” after fear of dog bites


Exclusive: Last month, “Duck Dynasty” star Kay Robertson Bitten By Family dog, BoboIn an attack that lost part of her lips and forced her into the hospital.

The 73-year-old patriarch of the violent Robertson crew was surprised when the sleeping dog leaned over to kiss him good night, and Bobo instantly snapped to Kay.

On Thursday, her son, Willie Robertson, provided up-to-date information on her health and said his mother was on a quick path to her post-hospital recovery.

“I’m happy to report that she’s doing well,” he told Fox News. “I talked to my mom today and she’s actually in Texas and visiting my brother. She said she looked great and her lips were working.”

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Willie said he had “not seen” his mother for about a month since he started the trip, but Kay said he was “healed and healed.”

“She always tells anyone who asks that the dog feels very sorry for what she did,” he joked, and Bobo “did not notice what he did.” ” “So I told her I would continue to convey that message.”


Meanwhile, his daughter, Sadie Robertson, 23, and her husband Christian Huff have recently Welcomed their first child Together – a daughter named Honey James – May 11th. In a quick transition to parents, Willie praised the couple’s efforts and said he enjoyed spending time with the latest additions to his family.

“Sadie is fine,” he exuded. “We can always meet them and she’s fine!”

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“We’re back on the tennis court again. We’re having fun and the baby is fine, so everyone here at Robertson’s home is fine.”

Last month, Sadie’s uncle Alan Robertson told Fox News that his wife, Lisa (Sadie’s aunt), couldn’t see enough of Honey James and jumped at the excuse to visit her niece.

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“”[Lisa] It’s a very baby nut, so every time I have a chance to make lasagna or take something home, she’s over there so I can hug everything to our little mysterious woman. ” He said.

“We laugh, but Sadie and Christians look like superheroes. It’s like Captain America meeting Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and so on,” Alain added. “So we knew this would be a special little girl, and she’s great. Sadie-There was a moment when it was a difficult delivery because it was her first delivery. Did, but she got over it, and it’s just like [motherhood] Perfect for her. It’s the same as Sadie is doing. “

“She just has that million watts of smiles and her motherhood seems to make her shine more and more. So everyone is fine. The baby is fine too.”