Duck Sauce accused of killing a Chinese food delivery worker raises $ 500,000 in bail


Glenn Hirsch, the Queen’s man accused of shooting and killing delivery worker Zhiwen Yan, reportedly raised $ 500,000 to escape prison as early as next week.

45-year-old Yang Make a delivery According to police, at around 9:30 pm on April 30, someone began firing in his direction near 108th Avenue and 67th Drive. The incident has occurred for over 20 years, just 800 meters from the restaurant on the Great Wall, where Yang works.

Hirsch, 51, was arrested in connection with the June 1 shooting. As a result of the investigation, it became clear that the regular customers of the Great Wall of China were involved. A series of disturbing encounters With the staff of the restaurant, which is said to have originated from the duck sauce conflict in November last year.

At that time, Hirsch reportedly sought more duck sauce after taking out the entire bottle. Officials responded to his request, but he still requested a refund and called the police when they refused to return his money.

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Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz called Hirsch’s request for additional duck sauce a “persistent issue.”During the search, authorities said his refrigerator Full of duck sauce and other seasoningsA police source has labeled him “hoarding.”

Hirsch, acquitted of murder and other charges, attended a bail hearing on Thursday. His brother, Lee Hirsch, Daily mail He had a $ 500,000 check to present to the court.

Judge Daniel Day-Lewis has set bail conditions for Hirsch, including obtaining ankle monitors and handing over passports. Judge Kenneth Holder, Set Hirsch bailDecide whether to release him on Monday.

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Hirsch was reported to have had at least nine arrests between 1995 and 2012, one of which was related to armed robbery. But his lawyer, Michael Horn, said they were “irrelevant.”

“We know that the accusation is meaningless without a ruling,” Horn told the Daily Mail. “The district attorney is picking up what I think is a thin case and trying to add as many decorations as possible to make the sandwich look bigger.”

Yang, who emigrated from China to the United States in 2001, is survived by his wife, Knin Jao, and his three young children. Members of the community described him as “the most hard-working man in the neighborhood.”

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“Whenever you pass, he will say’hello, my friend’,” said Philip Jacoby. Spectrum news.. “Snow, rain, hurricanes, he was delivering. He was the best man.”

GoFundMe Campaign Founded last month for Yang’s three children, he managed to raise $ 154,160.Zhao is still raising money for her deceased husband Another campaign..

Featured image via FOX5 New York (left), GoFundMe (right)

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