Due to the shortage of bus drivers, some Triangle transportation needs to be out of service.

Some transportation in the triangle is struggling to hire enough bus drivers and is beginning to reduce services as a result.

GoTriangle says it will temporarily suspend weekday buses between downtown Cary and Raleigh. Reduce the frequency of the other 7 routes From Monday, June 14th throughout the region.

Meanwhile, Chapel Hill Transit says it will change its schedule this summer to address the shortage of 25 full-time drivers and 15 part-time drivers. Agency director Brian Richfield said transportation across the country is struggling to attract and retain drivers.

“Like many systems, we’re making some adjustments to the route and hope to bring them back when the level of staff stabilizes,” Richfield wrote in an email. I will.

GoRaleigh We were able to prevent shortages so far. Transdev, the company that manages the city’s systems, has recently seen a decline in applications, but now employs 203 drivers, which is sufficient to cover all GoRaleigh routes. City spokeswoman Andrea Epstein said.

However, to avoid the shortage, GoRaleigh will participate in the Driver Job Fair on Tuesday, June 15th, at Chapel Hill Transit, GoTriangle, GoDurham, GoCary and GoWake ACCESS. Meeting with future drivers from 2pm.

Charles Lattuca, President and CEO of GoTriangle, said in a statement: “And I want to be able to tell people who are about to make a difference how rewarding their careers are.”

Ah Commercial driver’s license Applicants can obtain a license after applying, but they are required to drive a transit bus. Information and online job applications can be found at: gotriangle.org/jobfair..

Pandemic and economic recovery make hiring difficult

The demand for people with commercial driver’s licenses was fierce even before the coronavirus pandemic. Wake County Public School System I struggled to hire and maintain for years Sufficient drivers to keep all school buses on the street and trucking companies in North Carolina and elsewhere I’ve long mentioned a shortage of drivers As their greatest concern.

However, the pandemic has created new challenges as passenger numbers have plummeted and transportation has shrunk routes. According to Richfield, Chapel Hill Transit hasn’t fired anyone in the past year, but the town’s job freeze has prevented it from replacing several retired drivers.

The bus system has also taken steps to reduce driver-passenger contact, but some driver candidates may have prolonged concerns about the coronavirus, Richfield said.

“It was difficult to fill the transportation job before the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19),” he said. “I think the new coronavirus has made it difficult for people to work, especially those that work closely with people.”

The sudden recovery of the economy due to the convergence of the pandemic Causes labor shortages at all companies nationwideIncludes restaurants, retailers and manufacturers. As GoTriangle does, some employers are responding by raising their salaries. The agency’s board of directors recently voted to raise the hourly wage of bus drivers by $ 2 to $ 17 from July 1.

Triangle’s transportation system has expanded Triangle’s bus services with the help of voter-approved local sales tax revenues. If transportation can find enough drivers, new and more frequent service additions will resume after the pandemic.

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