Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘demotion’ on royal family website


Sussex - Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Sussex – Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Duke and Duchess of Sussex On the royal website, he was “demoted” to the lowest bill alongside the Duke of York.

Until recently, couple .

The Sussexes and prince andrew Relocated to the bottom of the page.

This reorganization may reflect the king’s vision of slimming down the monarchy, elevating the status of those who support the monarch’s duties.

Queen Elizabeth’s cousins ​​Princess Alexandra, 85, the Duke of Kent, 86, and the Duke of Gloucester, 78, are still classified as family members as civil servants.

80-year-old Prince Michael of Kent and wife Marie Christinedoes not work for royalty and has been removed from the page entirely.

More than 200 public initiatives made by the Kent family for the non-profit sector are funded by the Prince’s own household, not taxpayers.

Some 15 months after the Sussexes were first down-ranked on the royal website, they have moved down from a position just below the then-Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Mr and Mrs Wessex and Princess Anne.

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew - David Rose/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew – David Rose/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

The new changes are likely to be received in California with a weary sigh.

The Sussexes are believed to have returned home the day after the Queen’s funeral, feeling more ostracized than ever, and their new status in the general hierarchy fully revealed.

The lack of communication between Buckingham Palace and their own offices could be blamed for all sorts of drama, with barely speaking to some of their closest relatives. False invitation to state reception To the confusion over military uniforms, not to mention exactly when Prince Harry is a different version learned of his grandmother’s death.

increase tension, harry When Megan Their children, 3-year-old Archie and 1-year-old Lilibet, are still waiting to see if they can use their new titles of Prince and Princess.

As sovereign grandchildren, they automatically Became a prince and princess After the Queen’s death, she is eligible for the title of Highness and Highness.

However, while Prince and Princess of Wales’ new titles have been updated on the royal website, Archie and Lilibet have not, despite other changes being made.

Sources say the only indication the Sussex kids aren’t allowed to use the title is the fact that it’s not publicly acknowledged on the website.

Asked about the discrepancies after the Queen’s death, a spokesman for the King said, “Live updates on the website are not working.”

He added:

Meanwhile, it became clear that duchess podcastArchetype will return to Spotify next Tuesday after a four-week hiatus due to the Queen’s death.

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