Duke University women’s basketball coach says her team played the wrong ball in the first half

Carla Lawson is a bystander.

Duke Blue Devils Women’s Basketball CoachAP Photo/Michael Dwyer

  • In Thursday’s post-game interview, Duke University coach Kara Lawson gushed about the team’s Sunday game.

  • According to Lawson, her players complained about basketball during the first half of the game against FSU.

  • According to ESPN, Lawson claims it was men’s basketball that was used in the first half, but the ACC and FSU concluded otherwise.

The coach of Duke University’s women’s basketball team has expressed disdain for the alleged ball mix-up after Thursday’s game.

Coach Carla Lawson ended the press conference by pointing out her problems in the previous game against Florida State after Duke’s win over the University of Pittsburgh. Spent the first half in men’s basketball. Duke lost the matchup by 13 points, 57-70.

“This will never happen in a men’s game. This will never happen,” she said at a post-game meeting. “It’s an embarrassment to our sport.”

Lawson said her players complained about the ball, making seven of 34 attempts in the first 20 minutes of the game. The opponent shoots 10 out of 30 in the first half. ESPN reported.

The circumference of basketballs used by men at the NBA and college level is approximately 29.5 inches, and the balls used by men are approximately 29.5 inches. WNBA and women’s college teams are 28.5 inches. According to digital sports publication Stack.com. Lawson and her team allege the correct ball was exchanged after Duke’s assistant coach Winston Gandy alerted officials at halftime.

“Neither my players nor their players deserve it at the end of the season to have a match that could be the difference between a seed and a title,” she said at a press conference.

Despite her anger, officials from the Atlantic Coast Conference and Florida state concluded that the ball used in the first half of Sunday’s game in Florida was not a men’s basketball.

According to ESPN, the meeting said in a statement, “After a thorough and objective review process, no evidence was found to support the allegations. There is no appeal or protest process per the NCAA rules of play.”

Despite Lawson’s concerns about the ball used during the game, he conceded the win to Florida State.

“Let’s be clear, Florida State beat us. They beat us playing men’s ball in the first half and women’s ball in the second,” Lawson said. . “But if we had played women’s ball in the first half and the second half, we wouldn’t have won. But neither can they.”

Duke is 9-2 in the ACC this season and is 19-3 overall.

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