Durham Cathedral criticized for Christmas COVID passport

Worship has been offered daily at the famous Durham Cathedral in northeastern England for over 900 years.

However, visitors planning to join the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Norman Building, built between 1093 and 1133, will need to present a digital CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccination record this Christmas.

Upon admission, all visitors over the age of 18 must be prepared to present their NHSCOVID pass as proof of vaccination to attend the Advent procession event by Carroll at Durham Cathedral on November 27th.

Additional are negative PCR or laterochromatography, which must be performed 48 hours prior to the event, or positive PCR tests within the last 6 months. You also need a face cover.

NS Christian Blog Archbishop KrammerDr. Adrian Hilton, a scholar and theologian, first pointed out the requirements and pointed out that Rev. Andrew Tremlett, Dean of the Durham Cathedral, ignored the official Anglican guidance. bottom.

“The position of the church was a clear policy of encouraging people to vaccinate, but with very exceptional circumstances, to church services and organizations based on vaccine certification (also known as vaccine passports). We are against restricting access to the church. Such an approach is carried out contrary to the principle that the church is the home and shelter of all. Similarly, only in exceptional circumstances. The Church is likely to use vaccine certification to promote additional services to its members or the wider community and prefers to continue to emphasize existing mitigation measures. “

According to the New Testament, Rev. Jamie Franklin, who runs the popular religious current podcast Irrevanand, calls it heresy.

Epoch Times Photo
A woman stands in the evening sunshine near Durham Cathedral in Durham, northeast England, September 29, 2020 (Oli Scarff / AFP)

“The introduction of a vaccine passport into the church is a very wrong introduction of division into the body of Christ from a Christian point of view. Available evidence shows that the vaccine does not stop the infection of the virus. So it’s also a pointless gesture. We can’t justify this move on the side of Durham Cathedral, “Franklin told the Vaccine.

During April Franklin added his name to the open letter to the Prime Minister.There are 1200 church leaders He warned that the introduction of passports would create “medical apartheid.”

Leaders argued that risk would create a two-tiered society, a medical apartheid that would exclude lower-class people who refuse vaccination from important areas of public life.

“As a Christian leader, I would like to mention that I do not anticipate a situation where I can close the door to people who do not have a vaccine passport, a negative test certificate, or other” proof of health. ” increase. It would be a disgust for us and would deny the truth of the Gospel that the Church of Jesus Christ would keep out those who were considered socially undesirable by the state, “the letter continued.

The Epoch Times asked Durham Cathedral and Rev. Andrew Tremlet whether all attendees need to be tested or only those who have not been vaccinated need to be tested. rice field. And if they couldn’t provide the above, would people turn their backs? Neither has replied by the time of publication.

Rev. William JU Philip of the Tron Church in Glasgow, Scotland, told the Epoch Times that if Durham Cathedral requires everyone to take the exam, at least they treat people the same. Told. Discriminatory. That doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea. “

However, Philip’s view was that people should not be asked for tests or evidence of vaccination in order to attend church meetings. He was the co-author of the anti-vaccination passport letter to Boris Johnson.

“If you’re testing everyone, that’s one thing. Personally, I don’t think there’s a good warrant to do that. But if you’re making two classes of people based on vaccination, That’s a lot worse, “he said.

Philip said that Durham Cathedral could prevent people from coming to our service if they felt that “people are afraid and that not being vaccinated could endanger others. He said he understood that there was a reason to say “there is sex”.

“But if you’re separating perfectly healthy people, you’re making an arbitrary distinction between people in a very worrying way,” he added.

“The word heresy is more strictly reserved to go” outside “of the Christian beliefs of the beliefs. But to say that you are not welcomed through obedient faith in Jesus Christ alone in the fellowship of the Christian Church, the body of Christ, but that you have added something, you are of the Gospel. It means that you are adding something to your requirements. It’s certainly a serious mistake, “Phillips concludes.

Owen Evans