Durham says the CIA has found data that claims that Trump’s relationship with Russia is “user-created” rather than “technically plausible.”

Special Counsel John Durham In a court filed on Friday, the CIA Clinton campaign Attorney Michael Sussman, who advocates the coordination between Donald Trump and Russia, was “not technically plausible” but “user-created.”

In filing, Durham responded to an objection from Sasman’s defense as to what evidence would be acceptable in Sasman’s trial, which is scheduled to begin next month. Sasman told the FBI that he wasn’t attending the meeting on behalf of a particular client when he was actually presenting information on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the technology executive he worked with. He has been accused of lying.

Durham released a text message by former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman, stating that he “lied”

In February, Durham said that during the government’s trial, “abused” data included “specific healthcare providers, the Trump Tower, Donald Trump’s Central Park West Apartment Building, and the Domain Name System related to executives (” DNS) First revealed to establish that there is Internet traffic. US Presidential Government (EOP) “

In February, Durham said the data was abused “by mining EOP’s DNS traffic and other data to collect derogatory information about Donald Trump,” adding data to Trump. We have established “reasoning” and “story” that connect to Russia.

However, Sussmann is trying to eliminate evidence of the “collection” of its “DNS data” by Rodney Joffe and his companion, “TechExecutive1.”

In a Friday submission, Durham argued that the collection of data was “a necessary de facto background to the indicted act.”

Durham’s first indictment alleges that Sasman spoke to then-FBI general counsel James Baker in September 2016. A “white paper allegedly showing a secret communication channel” between the Trump Organization and the Kremlin-related Alfa Bank.

The indictment alleged that Sasman lied at the meeting and “wrongly told the general counsel that he had not provided the FBI with a complaint on behalf of the client.”

Sasman pleaded not guilty and tried to dismiss the case. A federal judge who presides over the case denied the request this week.

Durham Probe: The judge dismissed Sasman’s motion to dismiss the proceedings.Attempt to start the next month

Durham also added a “renewed set of claims” by Sasman in February 2017, including Alfa Bank’s claims, and Trump to a second U.S. government agency that Fox News confirmed to be the CIA. Claims to have provided the claim.

Durham said in a Friday filing that the government expects to “submit evidence in court.” This reflects the FBI and CIA “concluding that Russia Bank 1’s allegations are not true and unsupported.”

“For example, the FBI did not reach a final conclusion regarding the accuracy of the data, or whether all or part of the data could be genuine, spoofed, tampered with, or forged, but Agency 2 2017. At the beginning of the year, data from Russian Bank 1 and Russian Telephone Provider 1 were “technically plausible,” “cannot withstand technical scrutiny,” “contains gaps,” and “. [itself],’And’ were user-created and no machine tools were generated, “Durham wrote.

However, Durham states that “the Special Prosecutor’s Office has not reached a definitive conclusion in this regard.”

But Durham said, “whether the data was really unreliable or motivated” for Sasman to lie, and evidence of the steps the FBI and CIA took to investigate these issues. Is important to establish importance. “

Mr. Durham said the information “allows juries to evaluate these steps, which in turn are important to the defendant’s alleged misrepresentation and tend to affect or undermine government function. I will give you a conclusion as to whether or not there is one. “

Meanwhile, Durham outlines the relationship between Sman and the now infamous untrustworthy anti-Trump documentation, including allegations of coordination between Trump and the Russian government.

The unconfirmed documents were created by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele and commissioned by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS. Law firm Perkins Koyer is a company funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign for anti-Trump documents.

In Durham’s Friday filing, he revealed that he had met Steele at Perkins Koy’s office in the summer of 2016, where he told Steele about Alfa Bank’s allegations.

Hillary Clinton 2016 TWEETS Now Push-Russia-Linked “Cover Server” Trump Use Condemned Claims

After their meeting, Durham said Fox News had previously reported that the “U.S. Research Company” employee was Fusion GPS and asked Steele to “investigate and prepare an intelligence report” about Alfa Bank. ..

Durham said in his filing that Sasman “represented and worked on the Clinton campaign in connection with a broader opposition investigation effort,” and Alfa-Bank’s allegations “in those opposition investigation efforts.” We have taken steps to integrate it. “

Durham argued that the evidence was “very conclusive” as Sman proved that he “represented and worked for the Clinton campaign in a broader opposition investigation effort.”

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Former British spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the 2016 document on the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, arrives at the London High Court and is defamed by Russian businessman Alexei Gubarev. We heard the case. Aaron Chaung / PA Image via Getty Images

Durham also states that Sasman has established evidence “to meet with the FBI on September 19, 2016, and in particular to promote the profits of the Clinton campaign with the help of Fusion GPS.”

In the filing, Durham also said, among other things, that Durham was hired by Fusion GPS to “dig up Trump’s dirt for an unnamed US client,” a note from a former FBI assistant director. Is pointed out.

“The fact that the FBI headquarters received both information related to the same political campaign (Clinton campaign) and the same law firm on the same day. [Perkins Coie] Same research company as [Fusion GPS] It makes Steele’s involvement in these issues appropriate, “Durham wrote.

Meanwhile, Sasman’s defense has motioned to immunize tech executive 1, Rodney Joffy, who has not been charged with the crime.

However, in Durham’s filings, he revealed that Joff was the “subject” of the investigation and continued before Sasman was indicted in 2021. There is a shortage of trials.

Durham said the decision not to grant Joffe’s immunity “has played an important leading role in the construction and filing of the allegations in question and is likely to increase criminal exposure. “It’s perfectly rational and consistent with the Justice Ministry’s practices,” he said. Potential liability if a government investigation was to reveal or confirm the execution of a crime other than the one currently being prosecuted. “

Durham denies the intention to “politicize” the filing, stating that there is “no basis” for striking the “de facto background.”

However, Durham revealed that the only witness to the “government-immunized” Sasman trial was an unidentified “Researcher 2.” The individual’s immunity began in July 2021, more than a month before Sasman’s indictment.

Mr. Durham said the government exempted “Researcher 2” because “at least five other witnesses who did work related to the allegations of Russian Bank 1 exercised their right to self-incrimination.” ..

“Therefore, the government pursued Researcher 2’s immunity before the defendant met with the FBI to reveal facts that are not otherwise available under the opposition research projects undertaken by TechExecutive 1 and others,” Durham said. States.

However, in the filings, Durham also made it clear that the government “intended to seek immunity in the trials of individuals employed by the US research firm Fusion GPS.”

“But unlike Tech Executive 1, the individual is considered a” witness “rather than a” subject “of a fact-based government investigation that is currently known,” Durham said.

Meanwhile, according to Durham, during the trial, the government edited edited non-privileged documents, including communications between Sasman and Joff, and edited billing records that reflected Sasman’s work and Joff “on behalf of the Clinton campaign.” Will be provided.

Prosecutors are also planning to communicate with Sasman, Joff, and “Campaign Lawyer 1”, Durham said.

Sasman’s trial is scheduled to begin on May 16.

Durham has been investigating the origin of the crossfire hurricane, which began in July 2016 through the FBI’s original Russian investigation, or the appointment of Special Advisor Robert Mueller in May 2017, since 2019. It was shortly after Mueller completed a long-standing investigation. Whether he colluded or coordinated with the Russians to influence Trump’s campaign in the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller’s investigation found no evidence of illegal or criminal coordination between the 2016 Trump or Trump campaign and Russia.

As part of the investigation, Durham indicted Sasman in September 2021, Igor Danchenko in November 2021, and Kevin Kline Smith in August 2020.

Danchenko has been charged with false statements and accused of lying to the FBI about the sources he provided to Christopher Steele for anti-Trump documents.

Kevin Kline Smith was also charged with false statements.Kleinsmith was introduced as potentially prosecuted Ministry of Justice Inspector General’s office that conducted its own review of the Russian investigation.

Specifically, the Inspector General, though not by name, changed the email about Carter Page, an aide to the Trump campaign, saying he was “not a source” of another government agency, Kleinsmith. Blame Smith. Page said he was the source of the CIA. The DOJ relied on this claim because it filed a third final renewal application in 2017 to eavesdrop on pages under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The Associated Press contributed to this report.