Durham’s Northgate Mall will soon be demolished. Here’s how you get some of it.

Almost everything in Northgate Mall with shutters is available before 900,000 square feet are demolished and permanently gone.

The mall discounts almost all of its remaining physical items to online bidders, including food court menu boards, furniture, store fixtures, and even Christmas decorations, before the mall is dismantled later this summer. We are auctioning at the price.

“If it’s here and you can move it, it will be sold,” said Chief Operating Officer John Martin. Wester Auction & Realty, A Smithfield-based company responsible for the liquidation of Durham Mall’s assets.

“That’s just a little bit of everything. The food court has tables, lighting fixtures, storefronts. Whatever you see in the mall … a kiosk, a big planter outside.”

The clearing process began on Monday. In an interview, Martin said products from various groups will be auctioned online about every 10 days until June.

“Many people see it as an (opportunity) to open their business,” he said. “Many (buyers) are the owners of small businesses coming here, and they realize their dreams by being able to buy items at a much lower cost and start a business much faster.”

Pizza ovens, which usually sell for over $ 20,000, sell for one-fifth of that price. Hot steamer tables sell for $ 500, starting at the original price of about $ 3,500.

“Many of these restaurant facilities are very expensive,” he said.

Gwendolyn Geese of Greensboro said the auction would give her the opportunity to grow her online second-hand clothing business. Vintage Gwendolyn.. She is about to buy a mannequin to show off her clothes.

“It costs more than $ 300 to ship a high quality articulated mannequin,” she said. “I usually look at the (Facebook) marketplace, but negotiations and meetings with people rarely go well and I work full time. Such clearing is always cheaper than any other option. Become.”

Northgate Mall Space Transformation

2018, Northwood Investors Buy Northgate Mall — Once a retail store north of downtown Durham — $ 34.5 million When a foreclosure is imminent on a property in a mall.

Under the pressure of a coronavirus pandemic, they kept it afloat until it was finally shut down in May 2020.

In January, owner Northwood Investors took 55 acres Mixed-use office, Housing and retail development.

The collapse of the mall could have simply thrown away its content, Martin said, but auctioning mall assets is an alternative to stimulating the economy.

“The biggest achievement here is that everything is being reused, not just dumped in landfills,” he said.

Items available at the auction can only be bid on westerauction.hibid.com for pickup.

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