During the 13-year protection period of Britney Spears, the main people paid from Britney Spears’ financial assets are:

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  • Britney Spears’ financial assets pay for the costs associated with her protection.

  • Over the last 13 years, six major people (including her parents and their lawyers) have been paid.

  • Insiders have reviewed legal documents to learn more about the particular payments made.

During the 13 years that Britney Spears lived under the Power of Attorney, her financial assets paid attorneys’ fees, business costs, and other costs to those involved.

Legal documents detail that even those who said the singer acted against her wishes, such as fathers, lawyers, and security teams, were paying. And as a conservative, she had no veto over how her money was spent.

Documents filed with the court show that a group of lawyers and family members have made money from their role in the power of attorney, which was terminated on Friday by a Los Angeles judge.

Still, Spear’s lawyer Matthew Rosangart may also try to fight to get some of that money back. He will have to meet the hurdle..

According to legal documents, the main people and law firms paid by Spears real estate under the power of attorney are:

Jamie Spears has been paid personal salaries and concert fees over the last decade and can total over $ 2 million.

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Parents are required to submit an annual account of their assets and the amount spent in the past year.

Most of Jamie Spears’ financial reports have been edited by the general public. Some details (here, paying interest of 62 cents from City National Bank, where you buy Walgreens for $ 70) are listed and can be explored in detail. However, dozens of pages of payments and business revenues are blacked out.

However, some of the listed numbers include Jamie Spears’ co-parental fees. According to a 2020 report, the singer’s father was paid a co-guardian fee of $ 128,000 that year (another co-guardian, Andrew Wallet, earned $ 27,100 during the same period). .. The 2019 financial report includes similar figures.

The 2020 financial report states that the power of attorney paid more than $ 75,000 for “power of attorney miscellaneous expenses” and an additional approximately $ 100,000 for documentary editing.

California law Allows conservator-restors to pay their own costs and fees For their work, and the accounting reports are reviewed by the judge who oversees the parents.

However, the July submission from Rosan Galt is a contextualization of some of Jamie Spears’ own fees.

“For the sake of explanation, Mr. Spears has been paying $ 16,000 a month from Mr. Spears’ mansion since at least 2009, which is $ 2,000 more than he allocated to Mr. Spears,” said Rosan Galt. I am writing. “Spears also pays an additional $ 2,000 a month for office expenses, also from Spears Estate.”

In addition to adult guardianship fees, Jamie Spears is entitled to record sales of her daughter and income from concerts.

The exact figures are not included in the unedited portion of the accounting report submitted to the court. A letter filed by Rosa & Berry in court estimates that Jamie Spears earned at least $ 2.1 million from Britney Spears’ residence in Las Vegas in the mid-2010s and another $ 500,000 from the 2011 Fam Fatal Tour. doing.

Jamie Spears’ lawyer did not immediately return the insider’s request for comment.

Jamie’s lawyer spent hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, demanding more than a million dollars.

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Jamie Spears has hired many different lawyers in the process of the power of attorney.

In October, he replaced Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP’s partner Alex Weingarten as Chief Attorney to replace Vivian L. Thoreen of Holland & Knight.

However, while Thoreen and Weingarten may be working on a more general issue in this case, Jamie Spears hired another law firm, Freeman, Freeman & Smiley LLP, to organize the book.

All of these fees are assessed together in the accounting report as “Parental Attorney’s Fees”.

In the 2020 edition of the report, attorney fees totaled over $ 346,000. There was an additional $ 24,000 fee that year, and the Conservator Legal Costs cost more than $ 17,000.

The 2019 report’s parental attorney fees totaled approximately $ 128,000, plus an additional $ 135,000.

According to a letter submitted by Rosa & Berry, Holland & Knight demanded more fees after the 2020 financial report was filed in August of that year and as media attention to the Spears case increased. ..

He stated in a July 2021 letter that he had requested a fee of over $ 1.3 million between October 17, 2020 and June 30, 2021. This includes over $ 541,000 for “media issues.” According to Rosa & Berry, Came out between $ 500 and $ 900 per hour.

Lou Taylor and her management company, Tristar, have managed the property’s business for 10 years.

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Lou Taylor, CEO of Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group, will be attending Billboard’s 2018 Live Music Summit Panels. Getty Images

Tristar, a management company run by Jamie Spears’ friend Lou Taylor, was hired as a real estate business manager between 2010 and 2020.

Taylor resigned in late 2020 because of the threat of murder after the media focused on the real estate controversy.

The public editions of the 2019 and 2020 accounting reports list only a few hundred dollars paid to the company each year.

Additional fees paid to Tri Star may also be included in the “General and Administrative Fees” portion of the accounting report. The 2019 edition of the report shows that the estate paid nearly $ 7.8 million for such costs, but only about $ 29,000 was identified in the unedited part.

The public version of the 2020 version is even more confusing and doesn’t list the amount paid in that category.

Rosan Galt said in an August letter that Jamie Spears gave Tristar money that he shouldn’t have.

“In December 2019, Spears mysteriously approved payments to TriStar over $ 300,000, which would have been paid to TriStar at the time, over about $ 200,000,” wrote Rosengart. “This $ 300,000 payment was not due to any additional obligations or work performed by TriStar.”

“On the contrary, for some reason, Spears responded to Tristar’s request to pay $ 500,000 from the estate as a” floor. ” Even more problematic, despite Mr. Spears’ indefinite suspension in early 2019, this payment was requested (and paid), “he added.

Taylor’s lawyer did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for comment.

Britney’s mother, Lynn Spears, lives in a “mansion” paid by her daughter.

Lynn Spears

Lynn Spears. Stephen Sugarman / Getty Images

so Submitted in August 2021, Jamie Spears (via his lawyer) said Lynn lived in a house paid by Britney for the past 13 years.

The filing states: “Despite their estranged relationship, the Conservatorship Estate continues to pay Lynne’s residence in Louisiana for the entire duration of the Conservatorship, including all utilities, weekly maid services, and everything else. Maintenance (over $ 150,000 per year, nearly $ 2,000,000 to date). “

Lynn Spears’ lawyer did not immediately return the insider’s request for comment.

For more information on this particular filing Read the insider’s report here.

Lynn also demands that Britney’s real estate pay her attorney’s fees. A decision on this request will be made at a hearing in December 2021.

Britney Spears Lynne Spears

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In November, Lynn Spears filed a petition requesting payment of legal fees incurred after 2019 by the power of attorney for her daughter.

The document, submitted by Lynn Spears’ lawyer and reviewed by insiders, begins by stating why Lynn Spears sought legal counsel from companies called Jones, Swanson, and Hadel & Dashbach in 2019.

They believe her daughter is enduring a’crisis’in early 2019 and are involved to help free herself from what Britney considered to be a very dominant being. I want to. “

The breakdown of the required attorney fees is as follows.

  • Jones, Swanson, Hadel, Dashbach: $ 840,000, Jones Swanson is ready to apply a 40% discount on $ 504,000

  • Ginzburg & Bronshteyn, APC: $ 146,548

The filing adds: , And finally, the complete termination of the entire power of attorney system. “

For more information on this particular filing Read the full insider report here.

Sam Ingam, a longtime lawyer appointed to Britney’s court, and his attorney’s fees were paid by her property-he reportedly had a salary of $ 520,000 a year.

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#FreeBritney activists protested at the Britney Spears Adult Guardianship Hearing in Los Angeles, California on June 23, 2021 at Los Angeles Grand Park. Rich Fury / Getty Images

Ingam was appointed by a California judge in 2008 and continued to play that role until the summer of 2021.

According to the July report From New Yorker reporters Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino “Spears covers his annual salary of $ 520,000.”

If that salary was paid annually, it means that Ingam’s attorneys’ fees from Spears have totaled over $ 6 million over the last 13 years.

Ingam resigned as her lawyer when a new judge overseeing the case gave Spears the right to select her own lawyer. She chose Matthew Rosan Galt instead of him.

Ingham did not immediately return Insider’s request for comment.

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