EA intends to bring back the PGA Tour series of golf games that have been silent for many years

EA Sports PGA Tour

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EA has recently restarted a lot of old sports game series, and today it’sAnnounced that it will resurrect the PGA Tour series of golf games that have been silent for many years. EA Sports’ PGA Tour series has been cooperating with Tiger Woods for many years. For more than ten years, it has been named after “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” plus the year. However, Woods’ career fell into a low point in 2014, and continued injuries caused him to perform poorly. As a result, EA “reconciled” with him, and in 2015 he switched to the name of the year’s champion Rory Mcllroy. However, the sales of this version are not good, and the overall golf game market is stagnant, so EA has stopped launching the new PGA Tour game.

There is not much information about the new generation of PGA Tour. I only know that it is still produced by the EA Tiburon studio that was in charge of that year. It will use the Frostbite game engine and emphasize the highest level of realism that can be achieved with modern technology. EA expects to release more relevant information in the next few weeks, but the listing date will not be announced until “in the next few months”. It seems that the chance of launching this year is probably not great.

In addition to using the breakthroughs in graphics technology in the past few years to innovate the game experience of golf, the new game PGA Tour 2K21, whose name is very similar to the opponent’s 2K, has a very good evaluation, which may have prompted EA to turn its attention to the old series again. EA Sports turns over and over every year. The only remaining major series are taking turns, or if many other series are introduced, it can reach a wider market and slow down the impact of poor performance of individual games.