Eartha Kitt’s daughter reacts to trolls after being told she’s not really her daughter and ‘not black enough’


Fans are coming to her defense after Kit Shapiro revealed how she would be criticized for her looks when she said her mother was Eartha Kit.

Kit’s biological daughter, Shapiro, said: Tamron Hall Due to her light skin tone and hair color, she is constantly being trolled over whether or not she is actually Kit’s child.

Shapiro recently applauded trolls on TikTok and talked about it on the show.

“That’s great,” she said. Atlanta Black Star“We all know that we’ve been victims of some kind of trolling or nasty online behavior. You just think you can’t be who you say you are because you don’t see me the way you think you do.” He said that he was loved unconditionally by his mother.

“Obviously, I think she was proud to be the parent of someone who wasn’t easily identifiable because she was stereotyped and categorized because of her skin color,” Shapiro said.

“…She was always… talking about how beautiful I was. Of course, she was my mother. Let’s remember, I’m her only child,” Shapiro said.She added that she also said her mother You’ll say, “How wonderful it is to have this mixed race, how interesting and offensive mixed race people are to those who aren’t.”

Viewers left comments on the show’s YouTube page accusing critics of trying to deny Shapiro’s parentage.

“I can’t imagine being attacked for claiming to be your own mother,” wrote one viewer. “Thank god this woman was born to such a strong Queen. Ursa Kitt spoke truth to power and was willing to pay the price.” A woman can speak the truth to idiots and trolls and remain who she is.”

Others commented that it’s clear how Shapiro and Kit are related, saying, “People don’t realize that Ursa and Kit have the same face, regardless of her skin tone. It’s funny. I’m glad she stood up for herself!”

Check out the full clip below.